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Meatless Monday Ideas From Israel – Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Nov 06, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold
meatless mondays

Meatless Mondays are a worldwide phenomenon encouraging people to ditch some of the meat they eat in favor of plant-based food for a range of reasons: it’s often healthier and more environmentally friendly, and encourages creative cooking with delicious results! Israeli food tends to include a lot of poultry (schnitzel, anyone?), but is actually pretty veggie based – big dishes of chopped salad accompany almost every meal; national favorites hummus […]

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Fall Recipe: Apple Crumble Pie

Oct 29, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold
apple crumble pie

Nothing says “fall” quite as clearly as delicious baked apple desserts, and this amazing dish lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: meet the apple crumble pie. A delicious, sweet-and-tart apple pie is baked in a crisp, flaky shortcrust case. A decadent, buttery topping is generously sprinkled over the top, creating a sensational hybrid you’ll want to serve up time after time! Makes one 28cm pie For the pie: […]


An Israeli’s Guide to Feeling Great this Winter

Jan 15, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold

The middle of January is pretty much the same all over the northern hemisphere (unless you live in Florida!). It’s bitterly cold and achingly tempting to stay huddled indoors with heating, Netflix and steaming hot drinks. Januarys in Jerusalem are icy and bitter, with bone chilling winds and either glaring sun or grey clouds and pouring rain with nothing in between. Having lived in both London and Jerusalem, I’ve learned […]

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