This Week’s Torah Portion: Vayechi

Dec 28, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold

Name: Vayechi Reading: Genesis 47:28 – 50:26 Haftarah: Kings I 2:1- 2:12 Parsha Summary – Vayechi Jacob Prepares to Die Jacob realizes that he’s close to death, so calls Joseph to him. He asks his son to bury him with his fathers in Canaan and not in Egypt. Joseph swears it and Jacob bows down. Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh Joseph is told that Jacob is ill, so he takes […]


This Week’s Torah Portion: Vayigash

Dec 21, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold

Name: Reading: Genesis 44:18 – 47:27 Haftarah: Ezekiel 37:15 – 37:28 Parsha Summary – Vayigash Preface: Joseph’s silver goblet has just been recovered in Benjamin’s bag. Joseph commands the brothers to leave and decrees that Benjamin must remain behind as a slave. Judah Begs Joseph Judah tells Joseph the story of Benjamin: that he is the son of his father’s old age, and the last child of his mother as […]

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Post-Hanukkah Winter Detox

Dec 19, 2017  |  By Sarah Gold

Hanukkah is nearly over, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably reached a point where you can’t even look at another donut. Indulging in piles of crispy latkes and pillowy doughnuts may seem like a dream come true, but the huge amounts of saturated fats and salty, sugary carbs are your digestive system’s nightmare (although possibly your cardiologist’s dream…). If you’re feeling sluggish after a full week of Hanukkah […]

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