Israel Independence Day

Apr 19, 2015  |  By Arik Barel

YOM HA’ATZMAUT, a.k.a. Israeli Independence Day, celebrates the anniversary of the creation of Israel on May 14, 1948 (the 5th of Iyar in 5708). On that day, David Ben Gurion, Israel’s soon to be first Prime Minister, declared the establishment of the State of Israel and the end of the British Mandate. From then on, this day has been national holiday, celebrated both in Israel and around the world. One […]

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Tribal Identity and the Jewish Flag

Apr 12, 2015  |  By Arik Barel

We are so used to seeing various national flags, that we hardly think about them, but did you know the unique choice of colors, design and symbols of a country’s flag make up a carefully chosen work of art embedded with deep cultural significance? Tribal Identity The Jewish people, in fact, had multiple flags for thousands of years. The Torah (Num. 2:2) describes how the Israelites encamped in the wilderness, […]

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2015 Top Passover Picks

Mar 10, 2015  |  By Arik Barel

Want to make this Passover different from all other Passovers? This year, with the help of Judaica, your Passover experience can be more enjoyable than ever before. Our “2015 Top Passover Picks” is your guide to beautiful Passover Judaica from Israel, including Seder Plates, Haggadot, Matzah trays, Kiddush cups, candlesticks, Kosher gift baskets and more, so you can enjoy freedom in style! Here are a few examples: 1) Galilee’s […]

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