This Week’s Torah Portion: Beha’alotcha

May 30, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein
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Name: Beha’alotcha Reading: Numbers 8:1 – 12:16 Haftarah: Zechariah 2:14 – 4:7 Parsha Summary – Beha’alotcha Purifying the Levites: God tells Moses to command Aaron to light the menorah, a beaten gold candelabra decorated with flowers in a pattern that God had shown Moses. God tells Moses to purify the Levites. To do this, they must be sprinkled with purifying water, shave their whole bodies, wash their clothes, and cleanse […]

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Amazing Israeli Skincare Tips for Summer

May 29, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein

It’s very nearly June, and that means one thing: summer is nearly here! Long days sitting in warm sunshine, lazy barbeques with the family on balmy, breezy evenings, a cold drink in your air-conditioned kitchen after a long day in the heat… those first few days of summer after a long, cold winter are some of the best days of the year. Summer does have its downsides, though. The dry […]

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This Week’s Torah Portion: Nasso

May 24, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein

Name: Nasso Reading: Numbers 4:21 – 7:89 Haftarah: Judges 13:2 – 13:25 Parsha Summary – Nasso Roles for the Levites God assigns special roles for the Levites. The Gershonites will carry the curtains and hangings. The Merarites will carry the pillars and boards. (The other roles were allocated in Bamidbar.) The number of males in each group of Levites is listed. New Laws: Lepers, Sinning, Adultery, Nazir God tells Moses […]

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