The Meaning of the Israeli Flag

Apr 20, 2014  |  By Arik Barel

While a flag is merely a piece of cloth used to distinguish and identity regions, nations, organizations, etc., the choice of colors, designs and symbols often make it a work of art embedded with layers of deeper meaning. The Israeli flag depicts a blue hexagram (Star of David) on a white background, between two blue horizontal stripes. Originally designed for the Zionist movement by David Wolfsohn (1856-1914), a Zionist leader […]

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What is the Western Wall?

Apr 10, 2014  |  By Arik Barel

Jerusalem’s “Western Wall”, a.k.a. the “Wailing Wall” or “Kotel”, is arguably the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people, where millions of Jews and non-Jews come every year from around the world to pray and to place notes for G-d in between its ancient stones. Why? The Kotel is one of the last standing remnants of the Jewish Holy Temple, also known as “Mount Moriah,” and later […]

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7 Things You Need to Know for Passover

Mar 24, 2014  |  By Arik Barel

1. When does Passover begin and how long does it last? Passover begins on the 15th of Nissan of the Hebrew calendar and lasts for 7 days in Israel and 8 days everywhere else. Why? In the times of the Holy Temple, the Sanhedrin actually determined the beginning of the month based on the timing of the new moon. This information often did not reach the Diaspora communities until many […]

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