What is the Omer?

Apr 01, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein

Officially known as Sefirat Ha’Omer – Counting the Omer – the Omer is a unique time in the Jewish calendar where we count down from Passover to Shavuot. Counting the Omer is a command straight from the Torah. Leviticus 23:15-16 reads: You will count for yourselves – from the day after the Shabbat, from the day when you bring the Omer of the waving – seven Shabbats, they shall be […]

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Passover Fact File

Mar 30, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein

Discover everything you need to know about Passover ahead of the Pesach holiday! Name: Passover Dates: 15th Nissan Length: Eight days Different Names for Passover: Did you know that there are four different names for Passover? They are: Pesach “Pesach” means to pass over, and this name comes from God “passing over” the Jews’ homes during the plague that killed all the Egyptian first borns. Chag HaMatzot Literally, the Festival […]


What’s on the Seder Plate?

Mar 26, 2018  |  By Shira Goldstein
seder plate

The Seder plate is the focal point of the whole Seder night. It holds the six different ritual foods which are eaten and used symbolically throughout the night. This is our essential guide to the items on the Seder plate so you can start you night right! Beitzah Eggs are used symbolically in Judaism several times a year: they appear on the Seder plate, and are the last thing eaten […]