Ultimate Bar Mitzvah Gift Guide

The concept of a Bar Mitzvah, which literally means “son of the commandments” in Aramaic, predates any sort of celebration, but nowadays it is marked with a large gathering of family and friends, along with good food, music, and bar mitzvah gifts. Over time a similar celebration for young women, called a Bat Mitzvah, was […]

Top Love Symbols in Judaism You Didn’t Know About

Check out these uniquely Jewish representations of love, and then get your loved one a romantic Jewish gift right from our site here! And for more on what Judaism has to say about love, check out our blogs on What Jewish Texts Tell Us About Romantic Love and Top 5 Romantic Couples in the Bible.

Havdalah How-To for the End of Shabbat

Havdalah is a way to start the week off on a strong spiritual footing. It may be difficult to feel as connected to Torah during the week as it is on Shabbat, with all the free time to see friends and family, eat delicious kosher food, pray and learn Torah. Havdalah acknowledges Shabbat or a […]