8 Adorable & Affordable Gifts for the 8 Nights of Hanukkah

Over Hanukkah, we have the tradition of giving gifts to our loved ones, whether it be giving one big gift of a little gift for every night of the eight night holiday. Either way you choose, your gift or gifts will be appreciated but choosing an affordable gift for every night of the Festival of Lights is not always easy. For Hanukkah 2018, give your special someone a meaningful and adorable gift from Israel for under $10 a night! Each gift will be used over and over again- really being gifts that keep on giving. If you are having a gift swap or Mystery Maccabee and need to stay under a certain budget, you can also find inspiration for those gifts here.

Night 1- Dreidel

What would Hanukkah be without a game of dreidel? Yair Emanuel’s designer dreidels are a wonderful gift to get on the first night of Hanukkah, ensuring every night will be filled with spinning fun! Dreidels come with the Hebrew letters “Nun”, “Gimmel”, “Hay”, and “Pey”, meaning the dreidel is meant for play within Israel, but can also be used to remember Israel over Hanukkah. Most of Yair Emanuel’s dreidels do fall under the $10 range but be aware that some on the page are above this price range.

These hand-painted dreidels earn their bold colors from acrylics, which are then sealed with layers of lacquer, ensuring bright colors every year

Night 2

Here is a gift that everyone will enjoy. This adorable Armenian Ceramics tile is perfect for any front door and gives a warm welcoming to those that pass by it. Armenian Ceramic has been in Israel for nearly 100 years and always provides a bit of color wherever it may be found, which is important over dark winter nights and rainy days. Give a gift that will let their door stand out, and always put a smile on their face whenever they get home.

You can’t help but feel the love with a little Southern accent

Night 3

Tea is something you can get anywhere but tea from Israel just tastes better! Made with fruit and herbs grown in Israel, often in the fertile regions of northern Israel, these delicious teas will warm you up as you watch the Hanukkah candles glow. Best part is, you can continue using it all winter long! If you’re willing to go over $10 by just a little bit, throw in a mini jar of honey if whoever you are gifting loves their tea extra sweet.

The Galilee Bouquet – Lemongrass Verbena Melissa will warm you your body and soul

Night 4

Halfway through Hanukkah, your loved one has probably done a lot. Work, Hanukkah parties, preparing endless amounts of delicious latkes, making sure there are enough jelly donuts and Hanukkah gelt to go around and who knows what else. Give them an in-home spa treatment with some Dead Sea bath salts. A long soak will melt the stress away, relax the body and rejuvenate the soul. It is amazing that such a high quality spa item would be under $10!

While you’re getting one for your friend, you might as well get one for yourself!

Night 5

If whoever you’re gifting is planning on going somewhere sunny this winter or loves being out in the summer, an Israel baseball hat, might be right up their ally. Choose from a variety of Israel themed baseball hats and bucket hats, including those with the IDF insignia. Any age would love a great hat and even if its winter, you can always wear a cool Israel hat to show your pride and support in the Jewish homeland.

Our hearts are always filled with blue and white

Night 6

For Hanukkah 2018, the sixth night of Hanukkah is Friday night, meaning its Shabbat! Over Shabbat, we make Kiddush over wine before eating dinner, and will probably continue to use the same bottle of wine throughout the meal. If you don’t finish the bottle, you might want a wine stopper, making this pomegranate wine bottle cork a useful gift! Made by one of Israel’s top designers, Yair Emanuel, this cork will keep your wine fresh and decorated until the next time you open it.

Pomegranates are a major symbol in Judaism- representing abundance in wealth and good deeds

Night 7

Hebrew letter keychain will always be loved, as personalized gifts, no matter how big or small, are always the best. Not only will you always be able to keep track of your keys and always identify them. Hebrew culture is not always apparent in our daily lives so keeping your Hebrew initial with you at all times is a constant reminder of your love for Judaism and appreciation for this ancient language.

Simple and adorable, what more could you want? 

Night 8

The last night of Hanukkah doesn’t mean that the light needs to end! Continue shining throughout the year with a pair of olive wood candle holders. Perfect for use on Shabbat and holidays, while traveling or just because. Olive trees have been growing in Israel for thousands of years and are a symbol of peace. Anything of olive wood will be cherished and loved for the years to come.

The Star of David and olive wood combination is incredibly meaningful

So there you have it, eight gift ideas for the eight days of Hanukkah without breaking the bank. Each one is more useful than the next and many are perfect for all people of all ages. The most important part of Hanukkah is being with family and friends and lighting the Hanukkah menorah together, so don’t let choosing the perfect gift stress you out. Have fun and Happy Hanukkah!