8 Tips for a Healthy Hanukkah from JudaicaWebStore.com

We love parties & latkes as much as the next person. But this year our staff members are watching out for their health this Hanukkah. And we’re going to share some tips direct from them to help you stay on the healthy eating track this Hanukkah!

1. Cookie Conundrum

Skip (most of) the cookies. You know those cookies they sell in the supermarket? Extremely attractive and colorful sugar-coated top and bone-dry center. There is no “Hanukkah cookies” tradition, so save your calories for something that tastes good, not just looks good.

2. Latke Letdown

Latkes are one of the best parts of Hanukkah, but also one of the least healthy. Try less-guilt latkes by mixing in vitamin-rich sweet potatoes or carrots. Not guiltless, but less guilt! Pair latkes with no-sugar added applesauce or sour cream to keep kids from bouncing off the wall from sugary latke dips before bedtime.

3. Party Platter

The good thing about keeping kosher is you don’t have to worry about mixing dairy and meat, which is a killer calorie combination. The other good thing about keeping kosher is the magic of parve food. If you’re hosting a party or bringing something, think parve. Veggie trays, fruit trays, fish trays are healthier than meat or cheese because they’re fewer calories and less harmful to your heart health.

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4. Dessert Delights

Many kosher non-dairy desserts contain partially hydrogenated oils. These are without a doubt harmful to your health. And pretty much everyone agrees, from doctors to the food industry. Instead of trying to make a parve “dairy” dessert happen, how about skipping the faux dairy desserts this year? Instead, try coconut-based products, vegan cakes, or a yummy sorbet.

5. Work Out!

Are you in a fitness routine? Don’t skip it because of Hanukkah. It’s hard to get on track, much less stay on track. Why let Hanukkah be your excuse? If you’re traveling, try to stay in places that offer a fitness center. If you’re at home with the kids, try and integrate some physical activity into your activities. And if all else fails, grab a babysitter or have your partner step up and go to the gym.

6. Candy Trap

Who doesn’t love candy? And with retailers offering a range of kosher blue and white goodies, it’s hard to resist filling every candy bowl you have. And since we’re all human, we won’t say don’t do it! Just keep in mind candy dishes are easy pickings when we’re hungry and should have a full meal or healthy snack. If your candy is for guests, keep it hidden away until you have guests. Or toss the candy and go for a trail mix or some nuts.

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7. Fruit Fun

Fruit doesn’t have to be boring and can be a refreshing addition to a Hanukkah get together. Try making a “menorah” with cut up fruit or a Star of David. You can also do a “fruit statue” by buying a Styrofoam centerpiece, decorating it for Hanukkah, and then putting fruit-topped sticks into the centerpiece.

8. Drinks Count

Drinks have calories too! It’s tempting to ignore this fact, but if you want your clothes to fit the same way they fit before Hanukkah, it’s worth paying attention to what you’re drinking. And if you’re driving, it’s imperative that you know your alcoholic drink consumption. Or even better get a designated driver, walk, or call a taxi.

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We hope you picked up some good tips!

Happy Hanukkah from the staff at JudaicaWebStore.com!