A Passover Poem

Jewish people wondered through the desert for 40 years

It’s very nearly Passover! On Monday night we’ll start

Recalling plagues and slavery and Pharoah’s hardened heart

For many years ago the Jews were bound as slaves in Egypt

They catered to King Pharoah’s whims; built pyramids and huge crypts

Their lives were hard and miserable. They lived in fear and pain

Until one day the Pharoah’s men saw they’d be free again!

The king got mad and told the Jews to make more bricks and mortar

He told the Jewish midwives to drown newborns in the water

But – you know the story – one small Jewish boy survived

He lived in Pharoah’s palace where he grew and learned and thrived

Till he killed a cruel taskmaster with a great, almighty push

And fled into the desert where he found a burning bush

The bush could talk. It said, “Moses, I’m God and you will be

The messenger I send to bring the Jews from slavery”

And thus to Pharoah Moshe went; said, “let my people go!”

Cruel Pharoah just laughed in his face: “What? No, never! No!”

The king’s lack of compassion saw God’s mighty wrath unleashed

The Pharoah’s heart was hardened and God’s 10 plagues were released

One by one each plague struck down: blood and frogs and lice;

Animals and pestilence, boils and fiery ice

Locusts devoured everything; the dark turned Egypt blind

But only when his firstborn died did Pharoah change his mind

Finally the Jews were free! They grabbed their stuff and fled

(and that’s why we have matzah – no time to bake their bread)

They charged into the desert and at long last reached the sea

But realized they were being chased by Pharoah’s huge army!

The panicked people cried out but God knew just what to do –

He performed a miracle: the water split in two!

The grateful Jews accepted God and soon received His Torah

And now this story we retell with matzah, wine and marror

So pour out your four glasses (no-one leaves the Seder sober)

Wishing you and yours a happy and kosher Passover!