Biblical Origins of the Passover Seder

Having a sense for how the Haggadah came to be will give a richer, more thoughtful experience at the Seder table. After all, between the numerous different steps and readings from the Haggadah, it might start to feel completely random without knowing the origins. Even if you’ve been reading the Haggadah every Passover of your […]

Can You Eat off the Seder Plate?

What to Eat, and Not to Eat, on the Seder Plate Anyone who has been at the Passover Seder knows that the food items—for the most part—are not only symbolic, but also to be ingested. This means that the significance of each item is both stated during the Seder, as well as tasted.   The […]

What Do the 4 Cups Mean at Passover?

Every part of the Haggadah is purposeful, and the four cups of wine in turn correspond with the four expressions of redemption mentioned in the Book of Exodus, where the Passover story is detailed. There are four promises G-d makes to the Israelites in Exodus 6:6-7 “I will take you out…” “I will rescue you…” […]

Jewish Holidays 2023: What You Need to Know

While most of the world goes by the Gregorian calendar, Jewish holidays and time are measured in an entirely different way. The Hebrew calendar (also known as the Jewish calendar) is a lunar calendar that dates back thousands of years; many of the months and occasions that comprise the calendar can be found in the Torah.  According […]