Spinning & Winning: The Whys & Hows of Dreidel

One of Hanukkah’s most curious customs is the spinning top – called a dreidel in Yiddish and sevivon in Hebrew – that is played with throughout the eight-day holiday. The unusual game has a fascinating history and even more interesting rules: read on to find out more!

Soul Food: A Guide to Food Blessings

Most positive mitzvahs (commandments) are associated with a bracha (blessing): lighting candles or saying kiddush over wine on Friday night for example. This also includes some necessary activities that are not commanded per se, such as eating food and safe travel or using the bathroom, for which we still thank G-d with a bracha either […]

Keeping Up to Date with the Hebrew Calendar

Why do the Jewish holidays always change date year to year? How does the Rabbi figure out the bar mitzvah portion?  There is an entirely separate Jewish calendar that is the basis for every Jewish holiday, birthday and anniversary, and the weekly Torah portion, (‘parasha’ in Hebrew), along with so much more. This is everything […]