How to Set the Perfect Shabbat Table

The Jewish Sabbath, or Shabbat in Hebrew, is a special holiday that comes once a week and has been beloved by Jews all over the world for generations. No matter your personal practice or how strictly you follow the “no work” thing, Shabbat meals are a wonderful opportunity to gather with your family or friends […]

The Mighty Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah, or אריה יהודה, Aryeh Yehudah in Hebrew, is a powerful and ancient Jewish symbol. It represents the Tribe of Judah, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people. Read on to learn more about where it came from, as well as its deeper significance both historically and today! A depiction on a synagogue of […]

Our 5 Favorite Biblical Dads for Father’s Day

Families around the world are celebrating Father’s Day 2024 on Sunday, June 16, and while it’s not a religious holiday, Judaism certainly has a lot to say about fatherhood! There are dozens of fathers throughout Jewish texts, including the Tanakh and Talmud, with the father-child relationship as a commonly explored theme. And in fact, even the relationship between God and the […]

What Judaism Tells Us About Fatherhood

Father’s Day 2024 falls on Sunday, June 16, in the United States, Canada, and many other countries around the world. While Father’s Day isn’t a Jewish holiday per se, many Jewish families use this day as an opportunity to honor the father figures in their lives who deserve to be celebrated. Like so many relationships […]