Hear O Israel: The Magic of the Shema

Discover the magic and deep spirituality of the ancient Shema Yisrael prayer, used as a protective amulet and declaration of faith for centuries! The full text of the Shema Yisrael prayer Shema Yisrael is the quintessential Jewish prayer, taken from the Book of Deuteronomy in the Hebrew Bible. It is usually the first Hebrew verse taught to Jewish […]

10 Surprising Facts About the Passover Seder

The Passover Seder is the most important ritual of Passover, and one of the most famous and iconic of Jewish practices. This rich tradition is full of surprises, with lots of fun facts you never knew! So get into the Passover holiday spirit – especially with the clock ticking down to Passover 2023 starting at sundown on Wednesday, […]

8 Incredible Passover Haggadahs From Around the World

These 8 incredible Passover Haggadahs from around the world will leave you speechless! The haggadah has been an important part of Passover celebrations for centuries, containing all the components and prayers of the ceremonial holiday dinner known as the Passover Seder. More than just a prayer book, many Passover haggadahs (or haggadot in Hebrew) have throughout history been […]