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What Makes A Ring A Jewish Wedding Ring

Jan 03, 2021  |  By Rachel Feldman

At some point, your significant other finally realized that beyond a doubt, you were “The One.” He went out, bought you a stunning, sparkling ring that made you swoon as you said ‘yes’, and the next thing you knew, all your girlfriends were giggling about how lucky you are to get such a gorgeous ring. Now, you and your amazing hubby-to-be are getting down to planning the perfect wedding extravaganza, […]


Jewish Charms: What Brings Good Luck

Sep 29, 2018  |  By Mari

As Jews, we know there are talismans, symbols and amulets that are said to bring in good luck, or at least keep evil away.  In Jewish tradition, we believe that every person has a yetzer tov– good inclinations- and a yetzer hara– bad inclinations, similar to the concept of good and bad luck. In Judaism and the mystical Kabbalah, there is the use of different symbols to keep the yetzer […]

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Black Friday 2017 Shopping Guide

Nov 23, 2017  |  By Mari
black friday 2017

The holiday shopping starts now! Everything you need to know about finding amazing Israeli gifts your family will love. Judaica Discover amazing pieces of Judaica from some of Israel’s most talented artists and designers! If you’re looking for an outstanding Jewish wedding gift for someone special, don’t miss this gorgeous silver Kiddush cup from Nadav Art featuring delicate filigree patterning. And if you want to bring bright new color to […]