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Introducing: The Cast of the Purim Story

Purim, mask, colorful

Carefully documented in the megilla, the Purim story has a twisted plot and complex characters. Here’s a summary of the main players and what they did: Achashverosh (Ahasuerus)  The king of Persia and its vast empire, which ranged from Ethiopia across to India and held its capital in Shushan. He was dangerous in the sense […]

Hanukkah Sameach!

The gifts have been bought and the latkes are fried, It’s warm in the house and it’s freezing outside. The family arrives as day turns to night Ready to welcome the Festival of Light You gather together and strike up a match – Hold out the flame until all eight lights catch. You chant out […]

Your Guide to Lighting the Menorah

Every holiday has its own unique traditions, and lighting candles is arguably Hanukkah’s most famous and iconic ritual. This is our guide to explain the basics of lighting your Hanukkah menorah. Who? Women and men are equally obligated in the mitzvah of candle lighting. In Ashkenazi households, every member of the family lights their own […]