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This Week’s Torah Portion: Pinchas

Name: Pinchas Reading: Numbers 25:10 – 30:1 Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1 – 2:3 Parsha Summary – Pinchas God Rewards Pinhas God decides to reward Pinchas for maintaining His presence in the Israelites’ camp. He gives him a covenant of peace, and eternal priesthood. Moses Takes a Census God then tells Moses to take a census of […]

This Week’s Torah Portion: Balak

Name: Balak Reading: Numbers 22:2 – 25:9 Haftarah: Micah 5:6 – 6:8 Parsha Summary – Balak After the deaths of Aaron and Miriam, Moses leads the Israelites forward to Canaan. They battle against local enemies on the journey, and God helps them win every time. The king of Moab, Balak, sees the Hebrews emerge victorious […]

This Week’s Torah Portion: Chukat

Name: Chukat Reading: Numbers 19:1 – 22:1 Haftarah: Judges 11:1 – 11:33 Parsha Summary – Chukat The Red Heifer God tells Moses about a purification process to cleanse people who have come into contact with a dead body. They must find a blemish-free, pure red cow who has never worked and sacrifice her in front […]