Christians Show Their Support For Jews and Israel By Buying Israeli Products

Nov 01, 2018  |  By Mari

Just last week tragedy struck the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as 11 Jews were killed while praying Shabbat morning at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill. Not only has the Jewish community in America and around the world felt the pain, others from different religions felt our pain and decided to take action. Over the past week, Christians have been showing their support for the Jewish community by buying hundreds of Israeli products. The love has been felt by all.

Delightful pieces of jewelry are one way to support Israel and show your support on a daily basis. If you are looking for something to embrace the faith with or show your love of religion, there are hundreds of options of religious jewelry made in Israel. Christian rings and Jesus jewelry both come with Hebrew options for a truely meaningful gift. Jerusalem Cross necklaces have been gaining popularity over time, as this cross originates from 13th century Jerusalem.

Not everyone though has been buying religious jewelry. Name necklaces are a popular trend in Israel in both Hebrew and English, and are a trend you can get on to subtly show your support. Not everything needs to be obviously from Israel. Handmade Jesus sandals and buying Castro clothing are fashionable items that come from Israel. Having your own Soda Stream, whose company is based in Israel, and employs Jewish and Arab workers, a show of peace and working together.

While we are so close to the holiday season, which is full of light, one Jewish concept comes to mind- to turn darkness into light. During this time, the whole world must take this dark time and work on creating light, whether it be reaching out to someone who might need help or even just spreading a smile. It has been a beautiful thing watching the city of Pittsburgh come together as a community, no matter their background and support one another. May we continue to do so in the future.


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