Cybertech in Tel Aviv

cybertech tel aviv

It’s no secret that Israel is among the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It’s home to massive research and development complexes for some of the biggest names in technology, including Intel, IBM, and Microsoft.

The hub of Israel’s tech efforts? Tel Aviv, of course.

That makes the coastal city the perfect venue for hosting Cybertech, the biggest and most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies to take place outside of the US.

The organisers like to think of themselves as providing an arena for cyber players: Cybertech brings together experts from both every sector of the cyber industry and every sector of the business world. It’s a place where start-ups and established multinational corporations can meet investors, venture capital firms, experts in every field related to their own, and – possibly most importantly of all – clients.

Keynote speakers will include CEOs of international cyber companies from a range of fields, government officials including the former director of the CIA, and speakers from Fintech, Big Data, and cybersecurity companies. Exhibits will include everything from maritime cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to medical applications and cyber ecosystems.

Cybertech 2018 is probably the only time and place where healthcare professionals, government officials, defense specialists, app engineers, transport experts, and dozens of other parties from often-conflicting areas of business and development can come together to appreciate innovative new technologies and the dazzling possibilities they offer for every area of the cybertech world – in the heart of one of the globe’s most technologically aspirational countries.