Famous Israeli Artists List

Israel, a country that embraces its diversity and culture, has a lot of artists that perfectly describe this wonderful aspect.  Each Israeli artists has their own unique individual style that reflects their beliefs but all with one thing in common- the Judaica they create. Although not all artists create the same types of Judaica, their love of Judaism and the items we use bring together Israeli artists. With so many artists and so little time, this Israeli artists list was made to show 15 most popular artists.

1. Yair Emanuel

Possibly Israel’s most famous artist, Yair Emanuel’s Judaica can be found in nearly any Jewish home.  His use of hand-painted wood and sleek aluminum designs have taken the world by storm, as well as the vibrant colors and his technique of color-blocking. When it comes to Yair Emanuel, words don’t do justice to his fantastic pieces.

2. Dorit Judaica

Known for her metal designs and steel cut-outs, Dorit Judaica is also a very common find around the world.  Her Home Blessings and Jerusalem Blessings are popular wall hangings, as well as her pomegranate designs. Dorit Judaica has a homey feel to it so it seamlessly blends into the surroundings.

3. Adi Sidler

Many think of Judaica as something you would find in your grandparents’ home, but Adi Sidler has changed that. Modern designs for your home (and even your car) in bold colors brighten up any room- especially Adi Sidler mezuzahs. Clean lines and amazing shapes create what is the fabulous line of Adi Sidler art.

4. Adina Plastelina

The playful style of Adina Plastelina makes their jewelry and Judaica perfect for all ages.  The husband and wife team used polymer clay to create their brightly colored creations, including their popular rainbow flower pattern. For something incredibly colorful and unique, Adina Plastelina is where you should start your search.

5. Agayof

A family owned business, Agayof has been creating unique and quality Judaica for over 40 years.  A modern take on timeless pieces, these original pieces are something special to bring home. All of Agayof’s pieces are carefully thought out from material to color and finish.  Impress your guests with these futuristic pieces!

6. Barbara Shaw

Barbara Shaw’s spunk and funk can be seen throughout any of her products.  A burst of color and full of laughter, Shaw incorporates Yiddish and Jewish humor into all of her creatives.  Themed tableware for holidays, or just fun clocks featuring classic Israeli foods, nothing will put a smile on your face quite like Barbara Shaw.

7. Caesarea Arts

Based in the costal city of Caesarea, Caesarea Arts is a husband and wife team that takes in inspiration from their surroundings such as the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Rainbow sunsets and wavy patterns, their stunning pieces will remind you of Israel’s history while coming together with modern art.  Caesarea Arts also works with Jerusalem Stone to create magnificent pieces of art for your home.

8. David Fisher

Judaica is something that has been a symbol of Judaism and used by Jewish for thousands of Years, but in addition to this kind of useable artwork, there is also Jewish artwork for your home. David Fisher has been investing in the ancient art of paper-cut outs to create magnificent blessings, versus and more. The contrast between the crisp white paper and colorful background will immediately draw eyes towards it.

9. David Gerstein

David Gerstein’s brightly colored sculptures and wall hangings are all done in his signature style of hand-painted on metal cut outs of daily life or Jewish and Israeli themes. No matter what your hobbies are or what your passionate about, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. These vivid masterpieces are incredibly unique and will stand out in your home.

10. Iris Design

Iris Design has been featured in multiple international fashion magazines for her bold pieces of jewelry such as her bangles with subtle Jewish themes. Almost mix and match, her pieces sparkle and shine with her signature glazed look. The combination of textiles and materials create unique, one of a kind pieces that just cant be found anywhere else.

11. Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan’s Judaica pieces have a common theme to them, a futuristic-space like look to them.  Space has always been an inspiration to Cowan, to the point where her Apollo mezuzah actually made it into space with NASA. Contemporary and sleek, Laura Cowan’s Judaica and Jewish gifts are the perfect gift for those who appreciate a modern look or just share in the same love of space!

12. Michael Ben Yosef

Almost exclusively working with ceramics, Michael Ben Yosef’s pieces are amazing. Challah boards, mezuzahs, washing cups and of course, her famous ceramic pomegranate pieces, Michal Ben Yosef’s handmade pieces always have a golden glow to them. Being handmade, means that no two pieces are exactly the same, allowing you to have your own individual masterpiece.

13. Nadav Art

Coming from a long line of artists and silversmiths, Nadav Art has been creating amazing modern pieces with traditional techniques.  Aside from using sterling silver to create classic Judaica, Nadav Art has taken part in the contemporary revolution of using anodized aluminum to create incredible modern pieces such as his dual use Chanukah menorah, which flipped over, is a pair of Shabbat candlesticks.

14. Ofek Wertman

For something really unusual, Ofek Wertman takes after Andy Worhol’s pop art to recreate famous images of prominent Israeli leaders. Bold colors and clear lines are used in most of Wertman’s work, as well as the use of multi-media, as he combines graffiti with portraits of Israeli leaders. The perfect combination of old and new Israeli art, Ofek Wertman’s collection is something that stands out among the rest.

15. Orit Grader

Orit Grader’s masterpieces might look delicate but their durability will surprise you.  Having learnt art in the United States, Grader has taken those techniques and combined them with Israeli culture in her Haifa studio. The combinations of shape and color, along with the way light naturally hits the spaces in between, allows for shadows to dance along the walls or on the table below, making Orit Grader’s artwork to take on another dimension.