Hanukkah Sameach!

The gifts have been bought and the latkes are fried,
It’s warm in the house and it’s freezing outside.
The family arrives as day turns to night
Ready to welcome the Festival of Light

You gather together and strike up a match –
Hold out the flame until all eight lights catch.
You chant out the blessings and sing songs so lyrical
To praise and thank God for performing a miracle

For once, long ago, the Greeks captured Judea,
They trashed God’s pure Temple and ruled us through fear;
They banned Shabbat and chagim and boys’ circumcision.
The Jews were oppressed. The priests made a decision:

Enough with the pigs and the altar to Zeus!
Enough not teaching Torah; it’s God’s holy truth!
The time had arrived for the Jews to take action
Although their armed forces were only a fraction

Of Greece’s huge army of horses and men.
The Jews rallied their soldiers and weapons and then
Embarked on a mission to take back their land
From their cruel oppressors. They fought them hard and

After a war filled with blood, sweat and pain
Jerusalem belonged to the Jews once again!
They purged the Temple of all things unclean
Scrubbed, cleaned and polished and restored its sheen.

But when the time came to relight the menorah
The High Priests were shocked! They discovered with horror
That all their pure oil was gone; with dismay
They saw what was left could burn just for one day.

But – wonder of wonders, what a surprise –
The holy high priests could not believe their eyes!
The small jug of oil they found through pure fate
Burned not for one day: it lasted for eight!

So tonight round menorahs and dreidels we’ll meet
With fried foods like latkes and donuts to eat
We’ll recall burning oil and the Maccabee’s win
While candlelight flickers and bright dreidels spin

We’ll celebrate freedom and victory and
Rejoice that we live unoppressed in our land
So light candles, eat donuts, give gifts to those you adore
And Hanukkah Sameach from Judaica WebStore!