Israel in the News – 2018 So Far

Israel often makes the headlines, with stories ranging from politics to scientific advancements to international sports. Let’s take a quick look at some of Israel’s highlights in 2018 so far…

  • After Zambia declared a cholera outbreak across the country, Israel was the first country in the world to send international aid. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and water engineers helped local professionals isolate the source of contamination and treat hundreds of sick people. Their work saved countless lives.
  • Doctors from Israel made the news when they performed life-saving surgeries on six children in Ethiopia earlier this year. These vital interventions have allowed these young people to start living a normal, healthier life.
  • Israeli scientists at the Agricultural Research Organisation received a UNESCO award. This honour was bestowed on the Israeli team for their research into agricultural innovations and efforts promoting global food security. Their work has the power to change thousands of lives in developing countries across the globe.
  • For the first time ever, the world’s biggest cycling competition was held outside of Europe – in Israel! Giro d’Italia took Israel’s streets by storm as scores of competitive cyclists made their way around Israeli cities and across the desert.
  • The United States of America moved its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in an attempt to acknowledge the truth that millions of Israelis hold to be true: Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. The move has not been well received internationally, but Israelis are ecstatic.
  • A specialist team of Israeli rescuers and medics came to aid Guatemala after the country suffered a devastating volcano that left tens dead and hundreds injured. The team used innovative Israeli treatments to help heal burn victims.
  • Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu offered pioneering Israeli water technology to the people of Iran, stating that while the Iranian regime wants death for Israel, Israelis wish for life for the Iranian people.
  • Flare-ups along the Gaza border have seen increased military activity in the south of Israel. Israel is fighting against a new barrage of rocket attacks, as well as a surge in environmental terrorism. Hamas terrorists in Gaza are launching flaming kites and balloons across the border. These incendiary weapons have set fire to hundreds of kilometres of Israeli land, including a nature reserve, one third of which has been destroyed. There are ongoing talks for a ceasefire.