Israeli Souvenirs 101: What You Need to Know About Israeli Goods

What Can You Buy In Israel?

Well, dear Reader, the answer to that question is that you can buy literally anything your heart desires from this incredible country! Despite starting out as a tiny, fledgling state struggling for its survival, Israel has grown into a flourishing epicenter of culture, commerce, technology, and science whose many innovations have gone on to better the world in different ways. From advances in modern medicine to groundbreaking developments in agriculture, Israel is home to countless wonders and remarkable keepsakes for residents, adventurers, and opportunists to enjoy, especially in the form of souvenirs!             

Why Should You Buy Israeli Souvenirs?

Generally speaking, souvenirs are a great way to look back on a fun trip you’ve taken, and they can help you hold onto the special places you’ve visited or hope to visit one day, however, Israeli souvenirs are particularly amazing and worthwhile. This is because Israel’s rich history and many iconic landmarks have put Israel on the map as a must-visit country full of unique cultural experiences and sensations you won’t find anywhere else, so obviously, you should want to have something from this spectacular place!                         

What Are the Best Souvenirs From Israel? 

Truthfully, we think all of Israel’s souvenirs are great, but in terms of popularity, the items that see the most demand are typically products such as: 


    • Yair Emanuel Art and Judaica – Although Israel is home to many famous artists and designers, few are as celebrated or as well-known as Yair Emanuel. Based in Jerusalem, this local artist’s colorful, iconic artwork is instantly recognizable and his creative designs have had a massive impact on modern Israeli art, contributing to a recent resurgence of traditional biblical motifs in Jewish-themed art. Additionally, as his vast selection of products is widely available and affordable, owning something special from this legendary artist is simple and easy.  
    • Armenian Ceramics – Introduced to Israel by a family of Armenian immigrants, the studio behind these distinctive ceramic creations was one of the first businesses to be established in the modern state of Israel. Today, the incredible earthenware objects are closely associated with Israeli culture and are considered beautiful souvenirs to bring home to family and friends. 
    • Olive Oil – As one of the biblical Seven Species, Israel is famous for its olive trees, which grow all over the country and yield some of the finest quality olive oil in the world. Despite being similar in taste and color to the oil you’d find at your local grocer, Israeli olive oil possesses unique characteristics that can only be found in the fruit of the Holy Land.      
    • Dead Sea Cosmetics – Naturally rich with vital nutrients and therapeutic minerals, Israel’s widely celebrated Dead Sea has long been a fabled wellspring of healing and rejuvenation, which is why cosmetics formulated with its precious waters are in such high demand all around the globe. Leading Israeli cosmetics companies like AHAVA and Edom are among the best in the beauty business, developing numerous award-winning products that revolutionized the way we look at skincare, ensuring that anything coming from the Dead Sea will be a satisfying addition to one’s self-care routine.           
    • Handmade Leather Sandals – Even though leather is a common material for shoes, most shoes today are factory-made and subpar, but thankfully, local Israeli shoemakers have been reviving traditional methods of handcrafting shoes that are stylish, comfortable, and durable. These handmade shoes have become a fashion favorite among Israelis, but their popularity has boomed with tourists who enjoy their superior quality and trendy, historically inspired designs. 
    • Israel Museum Souvenirs – Located in the heart of Jerusalem, the Israel Museum is among one of the finest conservatories of Jewish history in the world, showcasing some of the most extraordinary historical and archeological discoveries pertaining to Jewish culture ever found. In addition to preserving and displaying thousands of ancient artifacts, the Israel Museum also offers hundreds of officially licensed products replicated or adapted from relics featured throughout the institution. These educational keepsakes are meant to help promote knowledge and awareness of Jewish tradition and each souvenir comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as a pamphlet explaining the history and origin of the object in both Hebrew and English.   


What are “Typical” Israeli Souvenirs?

As in other countries, typical Israeli souvenirs include generic objects like Keychains, Plushies, Clothing articles like Hats and T-Shirts, and other small, affordable items featuring the Israel-themed logos and motifs. Such items are easy to find and are very popular gifts to give to people. 

What does it mean to buy “Traditional” Israeli Souvenirs?

When people ask about “traditional” Israeli souvenirs, most of the time they are referring to Jewish Art and Judaica, although sometimes this term will be applied to other very distinctively Israeli products like Israel Museum gift shop souvenirs or consumables like snacks and cosmetics. Traditional in this case generally covers anything that is strongly associated with Israel’s culture or identity.

Can food count as a souvenir?

Sure it can! In addition to decorative keepsakes and practical gifts, Israel has a fascinating array of mouthwatering delicacies to try that will let you taste the rich, intoxicating flavors of Israel from the comfort of your own kitchen! Many of Israel’s boutique wineries, chocolatiers, and artisanal cuisines offer beautifully wrapped samples and gift baskets to send to friends and family, making them great pre-holiday surprises!

Israel is full of amazing souvenirs, all of them just awaiting your discovery and though we are currently in a time where international travel is strongly discouraged, there are still ways to get special Gifts from Israel if you know where to go! If you want to find out more, just read our amazing Souvenir Buying Guide!