Magnificent Antique Seder Plates & the Replicas You Can Buy Today

In a partnership with the Israel Museum, is proud to offer detailed replicas of antique Seder plates. Check out these incredible replicas of Seder plates from around the world, for sale at in a special agreement with the Israel Museum. Each plate comes with a certificate of authenticity.

1. Austria 1900, Blue & White Porcelain. Originally made in Vienna by Joseph Wetter, this detailed Seder plate has a Star of David in the center with recessed hearts to hold your Seder plate delights.

2. Alace 19th century, Ceramic. Inspired by the 19th century ceramic Seder plate, this beautiful reproduction features a painting of the Exodus from Egypt.

3. Spain, Pre 1492, Porcelain. This striking burgundy and blue colored Seder plate is a detailed replica of one of the few items of Judaica from Spain before the expulsion of the Jews. Most likely created by a non-Jewish craftsman, this plate features Hebrew spelling errors that add character and history to this delightful Seder plate.

4. Germany, 1769, Ceramic. Originally designed in pewter, this beautiful adaptation is in ceramic and comes in two colors – brown or blue. The engraving lines in this design are precise replications of the folk embroidery stitching from Judaica in 18th century southern Germany.

If you’re looking for an antique Seder plate, choosing a high quality replica from the Israel Museum is a great option and a lot less expensive than the real thing. Each plate comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum and many have optional containers to set on the plate.

Shop all Seder plates and find the perfect Seder plate for you. Whether you’re a huge fan of antique Seder plates, modern minimalist, Armenian ceramic, silver classic, hand painted wood, glass, and more we’ve got it.