Mezuzahs Room By Room

Spring is in the air and for you it might mean spring cleaning/Pesach cleaning, but it also might mean sprucing up the house and giving your home a makeover. Even if you’re not going for such a wide-scale project like renovating your kitchen, you can switch up the small things in your home, like the mezuzahs. The mezuzah actually refers to the scroll, which contains the words of Shema Yisrael found in Deuteronomy but the scroll which must be kept safe from harm is often placed in a decorative case. Many have a mezuzah on their front door, but from a religious standpoint, mezuzahs should be placed on the doorpost of every room, excluding bathrooms, closets, and storage spaces and we have great ideas of mezuzahs for every room in the home.

Front Door

The mezuzah at the front door is your Jewish welcome mat, everyone will walk by it and see it. This mezuzah can be a hint of whats inside or a way to show what you’re passionate about. Transport your visitors to the Old City with Jerusalem Stone or Armenian Ceramic or feel free to play with materials and colors for a grand entrance. Match wooden doors with metal mezuzahs or use contrasting colors if you already have a bold door. If you live in an apartment building or have an enclosed entry way, you can choose nearly any mezuzah, but if your door is exposed to the elements, you want something that can handle the weather.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a place of sanctuary and peace. Generally filled with beloved family pictures and precious items from the past, this is a place where the decor should shine through. The mezuzah should match the colors of the room or keep to a subtle pattern that is equally gorgeous and meaningful. A nature themed mezuzah is a great way to enter this room of privacy and silence.

Kids Room

The children’s room is a fun place to be! Filled with color and toys, the perfect mezuzah should be one that the kid picks out, making this mitzvah more personal and giving them more of a desire to participate in this ancient ritual. Children’s mezuzahs include adorable animals, toys, and Biblical stories like Noah’s Ark, that add a pop of color before even entering the room. Make sure to hang it at a height they can reach on their own!


The kitchen is probably the busiest room of the house, but to represent the delicious food made in this room, we suggest putting a seven species mezuzah in there. Pomegranates dominate this selection and they have a bit more of a casual look to them which is best when there is a lot of traffic coming and going into the room. Never worry about these getting dirty because they will always shine on.

Dining Room/Living Room

The dining room and living room deserve the most elegant mezuzah. This is where you go to impress your guests, bring family together, and create family memories, these are very special rooms that deserve a special mezuzah. For these rooms we recommend a Marc Chagall mezuzah, which features his masterpieces, or a mezuzah by top designers Agayof or Nadav Art. These beautiful mezuzahs are sure to impress.

Office/Guest Room

The guest bedroom or office space might not be used as frequently as any other room which is why giving it a colorful mezuzah will make it exciting when put in use. Your guests will feel right at home with a light and bright mezuzah and if the room is an office, a colorful mezuzah will bring positive notes to a day of working hard. You can never go wrong with these stunning Judaica home decor.

Mezuzahs come in nearly every style imaginable, from incredibly decorative to minimalistic bliss and is an easy thing to switch around when you want to redo something in your home. A mezuzah is an incredibly important piece of Judaica as it is a symbol of the connection between the Jewish people and G-d and the scroll inside is what makes it so holy. Give your home a whole new look with new mezuzahs from Israeli artists that will brighten up your day and your home.