Purim Traditions Explained

This Wednesday night, or Thursday if you live in Jerusalem, will begin the festive Jewish holiday of Purim. Everyone goes to hear Megillat Esther with a grogger in hand, people hand out gift baskets full of food before attending a lavish meal, people eat triangle shaped cookies called Hamentashen, and of course, everyone is in costume. […]

Israel To The Moon!

If you haven’t already heard, just a few weeks ago on February 22, 2019, Israel continued making history by launching a lunar lander named ‘Beresheet’. They did so with the help of SpaceX. SpaceIL which was established in 2011 decided that same year to start working on the Beresheet project as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE, […]

Purim: How Queen Esther Saved The Day

The holiday of Purim is slowly creeping up on us and Israel has already started its preparations! Costume stores have popped up on nearly every corner, hamentashen (a triangle shaped cookie stuffed with something sweet) have made their appearance in bakeries, and people have begun considering what to put in their Mishloach Manot– traditional gift baskets- […]