Holy Land Tour: The Four Holy Cities of Israel

In Israel, there are what is considered to be the “Four Holy Cities”, which is compromised of Jerusalem, Hevron (Hebron), Tzfat (Safed) and Teveria (Tiberias).  These cities have had a long rich Jewish history, and were considered holy cities after the huge centers of learning that were, and still are, there.  The term the “Four […]

Holy Land Tour: Jerusalem’s Top Archeological Museums

Everyday, archeologists are unearthing incredible discoveries from thousands of years ago throughout Israel.  It almost feels that every city you visit in Israel has its own archeological site with artifacts unique to a certain time period. Many of Israel’s largest cities have been populated since ancient times, but you don’t have to go to these […]

Jerusalem Old City Tour: Top 10 Attractions

The Old City of Jerusalem is a bustling place on a daily basis.  The center of three religions combine together inside the walls of the tiny ancient city, but there are hundreds of things to do in the area.  Discover Temple times, find where the old meets new, admire the modern secrets of the Old […]