hello Jerusalem Old City Tour: Top 10 Attractions

Aug 07, 2018  |  By Mari

The Old City of Jerusalem is a bustling place on a daily basis.  The center of three religions combine together inside the walls of the tiny ancient city, but there are hundreds of things to do in the area.  Discover Temple times, find where the old meets new, admire the modern secrets of the Old City (you’re going to need some refreshing ice cafe from one of the many vendors) […]


hello Holy Land Tour: Jerusalem Gates

Aug 05, 2018  |  By Mari

The Old City of Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world, and most certainly in Israel.  Taking a walk through the Old City, you can find the ancient buildings from Temple times, with shops located inside, selling the modern delights like the Israeli favorite, ice cafe.  When it comes to the walls of the Old City, you’ll find a similar mixture.  The walls themselves might be as […]


hello Israeli Summer Salads – Tabbouleh

Jul 30, 2018  |  By Mari

Israel is well known for growing gorgeous vegetables. Situated between the Mediterranean’s generous seasonal rainfall and the Middle East’s scorching heat, it’s the perfect location for growing delicious fresh produce. An abundance of beautiful vegetables means that Middle Easterners make some truly exceptional salads. Many of the region’s cultures have interchanged ideas through the years: that’s why Tunisian shakshuka and Iraqi sabich are Israeli mainstays. Tabbouleh is no different: originally […]

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