Israeli Souvenirs 101: What You Need to Know About Israeli Goods

May 17, 2020  |  By Rachel Feldman

What Can You Buy In Israel? Well, dear Reader, the answer to that question is that you can buy literally anything your heart desires from this incredible country! Despite starting out as a tiny, fledgling state struggling for its survival, Israel has grown into a flourishing epicenter of culture, commerce, technology, and science whose many innovations have gone on to better the world in different ways. From advances in modern […]

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Celebrating Independence While Under Lockdown

Apr 24, 2020  |  By Rachel Feldman

Although Israel has begun to take its first small steps towards returning back to normal life following weeks of battling the coronavirus’ infectious wave, things are still far from being normal, leaving many Israelis wondering how dramatically different this year’s Yom HaZikaron and Yom Haatzmaut will be in comparison to previous years. It is already presumed that the festivities will be significantly quieter this year as concerts, ceremonies, and observances […]


A Passover in Quarantine

Mar 23, 2020  |  By Rachel Feldman

To everyone’s dismay, Covid-19 has spread worldwide, infecting hundreds of thousands of people and disrupting the lives of millions more, leaving many of us scared to check the news or our social media since each day yields a new wave of panic-inducing updates to the coronavirus situation. In certain parts of the world, many of us are already suffering from total lockdowns as our governments and health professionals do what […]

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