Judaism and the Environment: An Introduction

Thousands of years ago, before ecology became a worldwide human concern, Judaism dealt in a detailed and sophisticated manner with environmental issues. In Genesis (1:28), G-d commands man to “fill the world and subdue it.” It seems the Torah permits us to use the world as we see fit. However, a few verses later (Genesis […]

Rosh Chodesh: A Monthly Renewal

The idea of sanctifying time is one of the foundations of Jewish faith and practice. In fact, the first words of the Torah are “In the beginning,” the beginning of time itself, which ever since has provided the backdrop for the interaction of the physical world and the spiritual which preceded it. It shouldn’t come […]

Netilat Yedaim: The Power of Ritual

In the Jewish tradition, there is a big emphasis placed on a ritualized washing of the hands at various points throughout every day. Often, a special cup is used to pour water alternatively over each hand, a process known as “netliat yedaim.” One of the times when this is required is before the eating of […]