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The Jewish Connection to Mother’s Day

As today is Mother’s Day, we’re exploring the long Jewish tradition of honoring one’s mother, and what’s Jewish about a day devoted to the women who raise us – along with the best Jewish ways of honoring your own mom!

Mothers in Judaism

One of the most famous of the Biblical commandments is to “honor your father and mother,” and the Torah gives us a number of matriarchal role models with loving, wise qualities to admire and emulate. 

Mothers are often shown in Jewish texts as having unique wisdom and a special connection to their children, and in fact one reason why Judaism has traditionally been passed through the mother is that mothers are believed to be the ones to give their child their soul. 

The Sages of the Talmud took the commandment to honor one’s parents very seriously, and admonished their students to never embarrass or upset their mothers but show them care, reverence, and sensitivity.

Although Judaism demands that we honor and cherish our mothers every day, the idea of paying extra attention to the special women who raised us on a particular day is also not un-Jewish. 

After all, there is a centuries-old tradition of singing “Woman of Valor,” the ode to strong Jewish matriarchs from the Book of Proverbs, on Friday nights. 

Some Jews even celebrate a Jewish version of Mother’s Day on the 11th of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan in the winter (around November/December), which commemorates the passing of Rachel, one of our matriarchs and commonly associated with motherly guidance and other wise attributes. 

Many rabbis also encourage using the secular holiday of Mother’s Day as a way of reminding us to celebrate our mothers and to augment our love and care for them every day of the year.

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Honoring your Jewish Mom

Some great Jewish ways of honoring the woman who raised you and passed on her traditions to you, for this Mother’s Day and the rest of the year, include:

Woman of Valor

Take inspiration from the poetic words praising strong and righteous Jewish matriarchs, found in the Book of Proverbs and known as Eshet Chayil or “Woman of Valor.” 

Read more about the hymn here, and give your mom a daily reminder of how much you admire her through a beautiful piece of jewelry or home decor featuring the ode’s poignant words.

Special Judaica just for her

Help your mom express her Jewishness with her own beautiful Judaica pieces reflecting her style! 

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Stories of Jewish Matriarchs

Painting of the matriarch Rebecca

The Hebrew Bible or Tanakh is full of stories of strong Jewish mothers your mom will surely connect to – so why not get her her own Bible, or even read and study together? 

And be sure to check out our 7 Strong Mothers in the Tanakh post and share it with your mom!

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