Top Hanukkah Gifts for 2014

Hanukkah is getting closer and it’s time to get in the holiday shopping spirit. Without further ado, here are the top Hanukkah gift ideas for 2014:

Menorah: A new beautiful Hanukkah menorah is guaranteed to bring some extra joy to this special annual celebration of miracles, past and present. Today there exists a breathtaking variety of this iconic Jewish symbol, including those brought to colorful life with the creative energy of well-known contemporary Israeli designers, such as Yair Emanuel, David Gerstein, Shraga Landesman and more. Don’t forget the candles, too!

Jewish Jewelry: With Hanukkah being a source of Jewish identity for so many this time of year, a unique piece of jewelry with any number of traditional and stylish Jewish decorative motifs makes a wonderful gift idea, including the Star of David, Chai, and the Menorah. Hard to go wrong with a stylish piece of name jewelry too if that’s more his or her thing.

Moroccan Argan Oil: Who says oil is only for burning? This rare and exclusive line of hair and body treatment products uses real Argan Moroccan oil. According to ancient tradition, the extraction of a high concentration of oil acidity and various vitamins from large Argan nuts found in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains is nature’s gift for hair softening, nourishing and rehabilitation.

Music: Hanukkah is a time of festive celebration, and it’s known for its classic songs and melodies that bring to life the joy inherent to these days, so what better time to give the gift of music. This wonderful collection of classic Hanukkah songs will do just that.

Dreidel: A well-known Hanukkah custom, the spinning of the dreidel is a playful reminder of the Hanukah miracle long ago. This rare collection of decorative artistic dreidels is a stunning blend of ancient custom and modern art. A dreidel that definitely not just for the kids.

Gift Basket: Hanukkah is a great time to send someone a quality kosher gift basket, especially one with loads of natural Israeli delicacies, including wines, honeys, jams, chocolates and much more. A great way to add the energy of the Land of Israel to your Hanukkah table.

Artistic Judaica: A nice piece of new Judaica always makes a quality gift. Today, contemporary artists have taken Judaica to levels of creative expression never seen before, stunning displays of physical beauty which harness the spiritual depth and power of ancient tradition. Seeing is believing, so see for yourself.

Home Decoration: Looking for something that will last beyond the last candle? Help decorate someone’s home with a beautiful piece of original, creative artwork composed by one of Israel’s top contemporary designers, including David Gerstein, David Fisher, and Dorit Judaica.

Make it an unforgettable holiday for yourself or someone special with any of these popular gift items.