Vegan Gifts From Israel

It is estimated that there are about 200,000 vegans in all of Israel, which has inspired hundreds of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, but also vegan gifts! Israelis have taken this vegan lifestyle very seriously, switching out everyday items for their eco-friendly equivalent and there is no going back. For the perfect vegan gift from Israel, here are a few things that represent Israel and are going to be loved time after time.


Israeli vegan bags give vegans and vegetarians a chance to look stylish on a day to day basis. From Bilha Bags’ designer geometric inspired bags to the classic cotton tote, giving someone a bag is giving them a gift they can reuse all the time. For the business woman or for a run to the supermarket, these bags are fun and unique, and they are completely cruelty free.

Fresh looks for the modern woman

For a bold grocery bag replacement

Date Honey (Silan)

One of Israel’s famous nicknames is the “Land of Milk and Honey”, but many do not think that honey refers to the sticky sweet stuff from bees. Dates have been growing in Israel since biblical times, which has lead many to believe that “honey” is actually referring to date honey! This silan from Lin’s Farm in southern Israel is delicious and will not disappoint vegans and omnivores alike.

Sweet like honey

Olive Wood Gifts

Did you know there is an ancient rule in Israel that is still in act today that says fruit trees cannot be cut down? This applies to olive trees as well, so any olive wood gifts you see comes from trimmings or fallen trees, meaning no trees are damaged in the creation process. Figurines, jewelry boxes, tableware, and more, there are plenty of beautiful handmade olive wood gifts to give.

The camel has been popular for years