What to do in Israel this Summer

Israel’s long and unique history spans literally thousands of years. Today, the little country is a bustling, diverse world all of its own. From snow-capped mountains to arid desert, ancient stones to sleek glass, and religious enclaves to multicultural secular cities, Israel truly does have it all!

Additionally, it’s home to three of the world’s biggest religions, all of whom see it as a holy country and special to their beliefs. It’s a haven for people of all different faiths and is filled with amazing historical sites of religious significance. It also boasts nightlife, award-winning wineries and restaurants, exceptional nature reserves for hiking, and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches.

Unsurprisingly, Israel is one of the most visited countries in the world. Millions flock to Jerusalem every year, and Tel Aviv’s beaches are never empty! If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Israel this summer, there are some things you simply must do. Here are our favourite things to do in Israel:

Holy, Holy, Holy

You can’t visit Israel and not come to Jerusalem! It’s the country’s capital and the spiritual centre of the world. Everyone will tell you to visit the Western Wall: as the only remnant of the Temples that once stood in Jerusalem, it’s the holiest place in Jerusalem. Thousands of Jews and non-Jews alike visit the ancient wall every day to pray and leave a note in its walls.

The Western Wall and other Jewish sites are not the only holy sites the country has to offer. From Jerusalem’s churches to the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the country is filled with sites that will delight spiritual seekers.

Beach Life

Israel’s longest coast stretches along the Mediterranean, so its western cities boast amazing beaches. If you’re chasing the sun, don’t miss Tel Aviv, Netanya, and Herzliya. Tel Aviv even has a special dog beach where pooches can go to paddle! The more northern beaches are quieter and even boast white sands in part – it’s a beautiful way to relax on vacation.

Dead Sea

If you’re looking for a different kind of water experience, don’t miss the Dead Sea. The lowest point on Earth, it houses a massive salt lake known as the Dead Sea. The region’s water, sand, and mud are saturated with minerals which are renowned for their health-giving properties. A popular spot for health tourism, there’s nothing like a day spent on salt shores caked in mineral mud followed by a float on the sea!

History and Hiking

Israel is the land of everything – why choose between history and hiking when you can have both? The country is so steeped in history that you just can’t avoid it… so pack up your hiking gear and start exploring. Favourite routes include the Masada mountain: the site of an ancient fortress with a tragic past, it combines archaeology, hiking, and stunning views. Also check out Beit Shean and the Galilee, where nature and history go hand in hand.

That’s not all: Israel really does offer something for everyone. From camel riding and fruit picking to camping under the desert sky, you’re guaranteed to have the holiday of your dreams!