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What Is Tu BiShvat? Learn About the New Year of the Trees

Jan 09, 2022  |  By Evelina G

After the whirlwind of the December holiday season and the secular New Year, things may currently feel more slow or gloomy, but we actually have a meaningful though often overlooked Jewish holiday coming up: Tu BiShvat! Also known as the New Year of the Trees (or in Hebrew Rosh Hashanah La’illanot), it lasts this year from sundown on Sunday, January 16, until sundown the following day. What is Tu BiShvat? […]


Our New Year’s Resolutions Guide

Jan 02, 2022  |  By Evelina G

In honor of 2022, we’re here to help you meet some of your New Year’s Resolutions.  Read on below for some of the best ways to: Be more connected to Judaism Connect with Israel Make your home a Jewish home Express your Jewish identity 1. Be more connected to Judaism The New Year is a great opportunity to connect with your heritage and add new habits and rituals into your […]


Happy New Year from Israel!

Dec 30, 2021  |  By Evelina G

Wishing You Health and Happiness for the New Year from the Entire Judaica WebStore Team in Jerusalem! Celebrate with us by reading about how Israelis mark the secular New Year, as well as our suggestions for how you can support Israel in 2022! New Year’s celebrations in Israel January 1st is normally a regular workday in Israel and officially not much more than a date change in the secular calendar, […]

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The Secrets to Israel’s High Life Expectancy

Dec 26, 2021  |  By Evelina G

View of the Tel Aviv seaside Israelis are routinely ranked among the healthiest people in the world, with one of the highest life expectancies. Find out why, and learn the secrets of the Israeli diet and lifestyle that you too can adopt for the New Year! The average life expectancy for Israelis as of 2021 is 83.2 years – that’s higher than in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, […]