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73 Fun Facts About Israel

2021 marks 73 years since Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared Israel’s independence on May 14, 1948 (the 5th of Iyar) in Tel Aviv only hours before the British Mandate was set to expire. Ben-Gurion was also fighting the clock as it was a Friday afternoon, and Shabbat was only hours away. The 5th […]

The Story of Yehudit, The Woman Who was As Brave As a Maccabee

Last month, we had the pleasure of writing two amazing Hanukkah articles for you – the first one on the Story of Hanukkah and the second on Lesser-Known Hanukkah Facts, however, while we were able to cover a lot of stuff in those two blogs, we still felt that there was something missing from them […]

Let’s Shine A Light on Lesser-Known Hanukkah Facts!

In our previous blog, “How well do YOU know the Hanukkah story???” we had such a fantastic time writing about the exciting and wondrous story of Hanukkah that even though we tried our best to keep it short, our article ended up being far longer than we had expected well before we had even covered […]