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Chag HaAsif vs. Chag HaSukkot – What Lies Hidden In a Name

As summer begins to pass and the air steadily becomes cooler, the changing of seasons brings more than just the impending arrival of sweater weather and colorful, crunchy leaves. With the fall comes a very special holiday in the Jewish calendar, one that we all know and love. We’re referring, of course, to Chag HaAsif […]

Exploring Rosh Hashanah’s Honeyed Traditions

The first of the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah is a time of prayer, remembrance, festivities and of course, sweet delicious food! During this two-day holiday, we celebrate the start of the Jewish New Year with special services (don’t forget your Machzors!), Shofar blowing, exciting new fruits and apples dipped in honey. There’s also a […]

Shabbat Explained

Shabbat Explained

Every Friday night, families gather around the Shabbat table, as the mother lights the Shabbat candles, the father make Kiddush, and everyone enjoys challah and delicious food. Shabbat is an hour longer than the average day, giving people 25 hours to enjoy time away from the troubles and stress of daily life. Religious people do […]