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Tu B’Shvat Traditions

Also known as Chag La’Ilanot (Festival for Trees), Tu B’Shvat is a holiday like no other! While most Jewish holidays are accompanied by restrictive laws or stories of the Jewish people’s almost-destruction, Tu B’Shvat exists simply to mark the passing of time. The Talmud states that there are four ‘New Years’ within the Jewish year: […]

Tu B’Shvat with a Twist!

When I’m not writing for Judaica WebStore, you’ll probably find me covered in flour or hovering over the stove, wooden spoon in hand. I’m obsessed with all things food, and few things make me as happy as dreaming up fantastic new food ideas and bringing them to life! In our home, celebrations are marked with […]

8 Tips for a Healthy Hanukkah from

We love parties & latkes as much as the next person. But this year our staff members are watching out for their health this Hanukkah. And we’re going to share some tips direct from them to help you stay on the healthy eating track this Hanukkah! 1. Cookie Conundrum Skip (most of) the cookies. You […]