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How well do YOU know the Hanukkah story???

The moment anyone says the word, ‘Hanukkah,’ immediately, a flood of images comes to mind of beautiful Hanukkah Menorahs burning brightly in Jewish windows; of plates stacked high with crispy, fried potato latkes and sweet, jelly-filled sufganiyot; and of happy children playing on the floor with their games of  Dreidels and gelt. Indeed, the overall […]

The History Behind the Three Weeks and Tisha B’Av

Thousands of years ago, when the First and Second Holy Temples stood in Jerusalem, the Jewish people prospered for centuries as they flourished in the golden ages where everything in Israel, from its unique culture to its judicial system and its societal structure, were built around worshiping God and the teachings of the Torah. During […]

Exploring the Meaning of the Star of David

It’s a common fact that the history of humanity was first documented in symbols and pictures. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to prehistoric cave drawings, man’s ability to communicate through imagery has proven to be an invaluable tool throughout the ages, and although our written language is no longer limited to crudely drawn glyphs on walls, […]