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Judaicapedia: What is a Mezuzah?

Mezuzahs are one piece of Judaica that can be found in our daily lives. Usually found on the upper doorpost, around shoulder height, of nearly every Jewish home, these rectangular or cylindrical boxes can be found placed at an angle, with it being touched by a hand and then kissed by whoever passes through the […]

Judaica: What is a Tallit?

A kosher tallit is a large square of fabric that is generally white and used for morning prayers throughout the week and on Shabbat. The Jewish prayer shawl history starts in ancient Israel when during the day people would wrap their head and shoulders with a large white cloth to protect their skin from the […]

The Haftorah

What is the Haftorah? Traditionally, on Shabbat and certain holidays and fast days, a passage from one of the Biblical books of the Prophets is read after the morning Torah reading, the “Haftorah”. Both the Torah and the Haftorah texts derive from the Hebrew Bible. The Torah consists of the Five Books of Moses: Genesis, […]