Funny Hanukkah Gifts

You’re playing Mystery Maccabee, the Jewish version of Secret Santa, and you got the funny guy or gal. Now, you could go out and buy a bunch of cliche hilarious things from the store down the street or, you could get them something funny AND meaningful from Israel. While the choice is up to you, getting something unique for Hanukkah is always a delight. These funny gifts will make your friends and family laugh all year round and always put a smile on their face.

When thinking about gifts from Israel, usually what comes to mind is Judaica and jewelry, not necessarily something with humor. Barbara Shaw changes all that with her collection of unique and funny shirts, mugs, aprons and whatever else someone would want. Filled with witty quotes, Yiddish proverbs, and just made with pure fun in mind, anything from her collection would be a win with your jokester.

“The Cool Dude”

Obviously there is also the classic t-shirt with a joke on it but, these come with a Jewish twist to them. If they love sports, the “Just Jew It” shirt would be great for them. If they are thinking about joining the IDF or even just can tell you what they do, they have shirts that joke about working for the Mossad. Some jokes are about Kashrut, and some are just plain funny. Anyway you go, you’re guaranteed to give them a laugh.

Be nice!

Maybe your funny friend is also a fashionista with a killer slogan or catch phrase. Let them keep the joke alive with a piece of custom jewelry featuring their favorite word. It’ll be their token piece of jewelry that they might wear everyday or bring out on special occasions. It will keep their joke alive and they will appreciate the  thought you put into getting them a personalized gift that will always make them laugh.

For the Barbie girl

With the cold weather that comes with Hanukkah, it is nice to get a little something that will brighten up their day. Whichever jokester you’re buying for, you know any of these will put a smile on their face and someone else’s as well. Even if you’re not playing Mystery Maccabee, any of these would be an excellent gift to receive from the funny one that would still be greatly appreciated. Have a very happy Hanukkah and enjoy gift shopping!