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How to Design the Best Passover Table Ever

Passover is all about that special dinner we call the Seder, so make it unforgettable for your family and guests with our top tableware and décor tips!

To learn more about the Seder and everything you’ll need see our Passover Seder 101 post and the Passover 2023 Seder Essentials Buying Guide.

1. Make the Seder plates - or plates! - the centerpiece

Jewish tradition already gives us the perfect holiday table centerpiece: the Seder plate. It’s filled with the six colorful, on-theme foods that help illustrate the Passover story, and you can get it in any style or artistic theme.

So choose one that expresses your personal style and make it the star of the show!

Seder plate with the traditional foods
And if you have a large table with many guests, they’ll appreciate multiple plates throughout the table so that everyone can see. You can get identical ones, but it can be even more fun to mix it up with different pieces with a common theme – like Armenian ceramics, antiques, colorful spring motifs, or Middle Eastern mandala designs.
Seder plates with mandala designs

2. Pick a theme or unified color scheme for the table

Between the Seder plate, matzah plate and cover, kiddush cup and Elijah’s cup, and of course your tableware for the meal itself, that’s a lot of things on the table!

It’ll be a lot less overwhelming and more visually appealing if it’s tied together with common design theme such as pomegranates or Jerusalem motifs.

Or, go simple-yet-classy with a unified color scheme, like elegant golds or fun blues and purples.

Matching Passover Seder set in blues and purples
Passover table set with matching Jerusalem designs

3. Don’t be afraid of the modern or unconventional

Make your Passover Seder your own, no matter your style! Contemporary or unique designs have their place at the Passover table as well, and can make the tradition feel more relatable, fun, and engaging for the modern Jew.

Love sleek contemporary elegance, a modernist look, or even cartoon designs? Your Passover table can be anything you want it to be!

Seder and matzah plate set with a modern twist
Unique Seder plate in an elegant, modern design

4. Mix the old and the new

Combine your family heirloom Judaica or your tried-and-true favorite haggadah from childhood – or even that traditional-looking but new-to-you Seder plate – with modern Passover tableware pieces and accessories from contemporary designers like Dorit Judaica, Jordana Klein, or Yair Emanuel.

It’ll give your table a meaningful personal touch and an exciting modern relevance that’ll wow your guests!

Passover set seamlessly combining traditional and contemporary designs
Elegant wine glasses and Armenian ceramics Judaica to make the Passover wine shine!

5. Highlight the wine

The wine is a big part of the Passover Seder experience, so consider beautiful accessories to give it the prominence it deserves: wine glasses, decanters, corks and other accessorieskiddush cups and an artistic Elijah’s cup.

And of course, make sure you and your guests have the best wine drinking experience with delicious, top-notch kosher wine from Israeli wineries!

Elegant kiddush cup by famous designer Yair Emanuel

6. It’s the small details that count

Tie the entire table together with a beautiful tablecloth – a solid neutral color with subtle designs goes a long way, such as this elegant white pomegranate tablecloth.

And you can add more eye-catching detail with decorative accents like a table runner, colorful placemats or trivets, and fresh or artificial flowers – it is spring after all!

Don’t forget that you’ll also have your haggadahs at the table, so feel free to incorporate them into your design scheme as well.

A tablecloth with a subtle floral design matches the pomegranates and florals in the tableware pieces, while the red haggadahs make the entire table design pop!

Get everything you need for a meaningful and enjoyable holiday with our Passover Judaica and gifts straight from the Land of Israel! 

And check out amazing Passover table sets and our Seder essentials breakdown for the best items that’ll wow your family and guests.

You’ll have the most amazing holiday table ever and wow everyone at your Seder with these gorgeous, coordinated sets from Israel’s top artists!


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