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How You Can Support Israel Now: Where to Give to Help Israelis Under Siege

Within Israel and abroad, there has been an immense feeling of solidarity at the recent atrocities and acts of terror. Countless people of all backgrounds are stepping up to do their part in helping combat this senseless violence, and supporting those who have been affected or called to duty.

Thankfully for those who need it the most right now, there are ways to make a significant difference no matter where you find yourself in the world right now. We believe in the power of coming together to make a positive impact so we’ve put together a list of ways to support Israeli civilians and soldiers directly. Join us in spreading hope and support!

To amplify our commitment, we are proud to announce that 10% of all sales from our special Support Israel Collection will be donated to Magen David Adom ambulance services – so your orders not only help Israeli artists continue to have income at this difficult time, but also contribute to crucial emergency medical assistance in Israel.

Here’s a List of Organizations that Need Your Support:

Emergency Responders:

  • Magen David Adom: Saving Lives Every Day
    Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel's national emergency medical service, and it plays a vital role in saving lives during times of crisis. MDA provides ambulance services, blood donations, and medical support to those in need. Your contribution can help MDA continue their essential work. Learn more and donate directly at MDA Donation.
  • United Hatzolah: This volunteer-based organization operates a network of first responders throughout Israel, being the largest volunteer ambulance service in the world. They provide rapid medical assistance during emergencies. Contribute to their lifesaving efforts at United Hatzolah.
  • Eran: Eran offers emotional support through a helpline to people experiencing crisis, anxiety, and depression. Your donation can help them continue their essential work. Visit Eran for more information.


Supporting Trauma Victims and Their Families:

  • Natal: Natal provides comprehensive support for victims of trauma and terror in Israel. Their programs offer psychological help and healing for individuals and families affected by violence. Learn more at Natal.
  • One Family: One Family focuses on providing assistance to victims of terror attacks, including financial aid, therapy, and support networks for affected families. You can contribute to their mission at One Family.
  • Trauma for Good: This organization uses innovative methods to help trauma survivors rebuild their lives. They empower survivors to turn their pain into strength and resilience. Support their initiatives at Trauma for Good.
  • Zaka: Zaka is a volunteer-based organization that specializes in search, rescue, and recovery operations during emergencies and terror attacks. They also provide emotional support to victims and their families. Visit Zaka to donate. Note the website is only in Hebrew, but any translation app can automatically translate the page.


Supporting Soldiers:

  • Brothers for Life: Brothers for Life supports wounded soldiers, providing them with the necessary care, rehabilitation, and resources to lead fulfilling lives. Learn more at Brothers for Life.
  • FIDF (Friends of the Israel Defense Forces): FIDF offers various programs and services to support IDF soldiers and their families. Your contribution can help improve the lives of these brave individuals. Visit FIDF for more details.
  • Chayal el Chayal: This organization provides housing and support to lone soldiers (soldiers without family in the country) serving in the IDF. Your support ensures these soldiers have a home away from home. Learn more at Chayal el Chayal.
  • Lone Soldier Center: The Lone Soldier Center offers a wide range of services to lone soldiers, including financial support, social activities, and mentorship programs. Contribute to their cause at Lone Soldier Center.
  • The Michael Levin Base: This organization supports lone soldiers by providing them with a sense of community and resources to make their service in the IDF more manageable. Learn more at The Michael Levin Base.
  • Bezri: Bezri is dedicated to improving the welfare of IDF soldiers by providing them with essential items and support. You can support their mission at Bezri.



Everyone looking on in horror now does not have to feel at a loss when wishing to help play an active role in supporting Israeli troops and civilians to again live in peace. We encourage you to explore the organizations mentioned above and consider contributing to their efforts. Together, we can provide hope and assistance to those in need and make a brighter future for Israel.



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