Ideas for Your Best Ever Purim Seudah

Purim is right around the corner, so it’s time to plan your seudah! A big, festive meal (called mishteh in Aramaic and seudah in Hebrew) is one of Purim’s mitzvot, and is a wonderful opportunity to gather your family and friends together for a delicious feast!

As with every festive meal, it’s customary to start with bread. A seasonal favorite is Purim challah: add candies, sprinkles, chocolate chips to your challah dough and top with a sweet glaze and more sprinkles! Sweet and surprising, it’s a favorite Purim treat. Leftovers make the most delicious French toast for a decadent breakfast the next morning!

Some holidays have set menus that are lovingly followed every year. After all, what would Thanksgiving be without the turkey? And would Hanukkah truly be Hanukkah without crispy latkes?

Purim is different, though. There are no hard-and-fast rules, and in keeping with the day’s carnival feel, it’s a chance to pick any theme and throw a one-off fabulous feast! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Persian Cuisine

The Purim story took place in ancient Persia, so dress up like the story’s main characters and enjoy a hearty Persian meal! Start with tasty flatbreads served with herby eggplant salad, garlicky dips or a steaming soup, move onto a thick stew with tart fruit, sweet spices and rich meat or spicy kebabs served over traditional crispy rice and finish with fruity tea and rosewater-scented ice cream. This delicious, authentic meal will delight your guests!

Israeli Food

Tasty and relatively easy, Israeli food is a firm favorite whether you’re feeding a crowd or simply starving for a taste of Israel! Start with pita bread to tear and swipe through plates of hummus studded with herbs, chickpeas, and falafel balls, served alongside crisp Israeli salad, herby tabbouleh, smoky eggplant dip, piquant olives and tehina. Follow with kubbeh soup, schnitzel with fries, rice, and vegetables (or shakshuka for vegetarians) and finish with plates of seasonal fresh fruits, ruggelach, and candies.

Tea Time!

Pay homage to the best parts of British cuisine by hosting a Purim tea party, complete with scones, finger sandwiches, miniature quiches and plenty of tea! Or, for a more substantial supper, consider fish and chips or pie and mash followed by apple cakes and custard: traditional, hearty food that’s perfect for a cold spring evening.

All Around the World…

World food is a global phenomenon: an amazing selection of international restaurants in every city means it has never been easier to experience your favorite cuisine! Choose from French, Italian, Indian, Ethiopian, Mexican or any other cuisine you love and create a fabulous feast your family and friends will love! Our favorites are Southern-style barbecues with baked potatoes, slaw and pulled meats, fragrant Moroccan dishes filled with subtle spicing and dried fruit, and delicious Italian pasta, cheeses, and salads.

Pick a theme

Love the swinging sixties? Throw a hippie shindig or serve up retro favorites like beef wellington or ambrosia fruit salad. Die-hard sports fan? Serve beer, hotdogs, and nachos while dressed as your favorite team! The options here are limited only by your imagination.

Switch it up!

There’s a fantastic Purim idea called venahafoch hu which means that everything was switched around. Bring this to the table by serving dessert first, or take it one step further and create a completely mixed up meal!

Happy cooking and wishing you a Purim Sameach!

(Below: ‘Café au lait’ – creamy onion soup, and ‘cupcakes’ – meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes and a roasted cherry tomato from a venahafoch hu Purim meal)

meatloaf cupcakes for Purim seudah

creamy onion soup served cafe au lait style for purim seudah