Incredible Haggadahs From Around the World

Mar 03, 2022  |  By Evelina G

These 6 incredible Passover Haggadahs from around the world will leave you speechless!

The haggadah has been an important part of Passover celebrations for centuries, containing all the components and prayers of the ceremonial holiday dinner known as the Passover Seder.

More than just a prayer book, many Passover haggadahs (or haggadot in Hebrew) have throughout history been beautifully illuminated with outstanding illustrations and works of art, giving us a remarkable glimpse into the minds of Jewish artists and their communities. 

We’re bringing you an inside look into some of the most special and incredible Passover haggadahs that celebrate our rich Jewish history around the world and throughout the centuries. And what’s more, they’re all available for purchase in our online store – for a truly meaningful way of enriching your own family’s Passover Seder!

Explore these outstanding haggadahs and discover your new family favorite!


This incredible Passover haggadah is as much a historical document as a religious text, providing an exceptional window into the lives and practices of medieval Ashkenazi Jews.

Known as the Floersheim Haggadah, it was written in the year 1502 in Germany and has been remarkably well-preserved, with each page illuminated with colorful illustrations related to the text.

A reproduction of the Floersheim Haggadah

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has produced an outstanding reproduction of the Floersheim Haggadah, bound into a deluxe hardcover book that anyone can take home! It is sold together with an informational booklet explaining its historical background and all its illustrations.


This marvelous Passover haggadah is named after the Egyptian city of Alexandria which was home to a vibrant Jewish community for centuries. 

While not replicating any one specific work, this modern haggadah by Israeli publisher Matan Arts instead features a compilation of photos and illustrations showcasing the rich history of Egyptian Jewish life through artifacts, buildings, art, and more.

Featuring a Modern English translation in addition to traditional Hebrew text, The Alexandria Haggadah will enrich your Passover with a powerful historical connection!

Inside the Alexandria Haggadah

Another beautiful and special Passover haggadah from Matan Arts Publishers is this edition dedicated to the history of Jews of Lublin, which was at one point called “The Jerusalem of Poland.”

It celebrates the rich history of Jews in Poland with photographs of Jewish life, reprints of historic Jewish art, and copies of publications documented in museums, along with an informative introduction from Hebrew University Professor Israel Bartal.

The stunning reproductions of recovered artifacts and art, along with a helpful English translation, will make The Lublin Haggadah a very special part of your Passover Seder.

Reproductions of historic illustrations in the Lublin Haggadah

Produced by Koren, one of the top Jewish publishing houses in the Land of Israel, this special haggadah combines the traditional Passover story with that of the miraculous journey of the Jews from Ethiopia to Israel in the 1980s and 1990s.

It contains the traditional Hebrew Passover haggadah text with a modern English translation, along with photos, artwork, and essays that tell the story of the Ethiopian Jewish community.

Your Passover will be extra meaningful with this incredible testament to one of the 20th century’s most inspirational Jewish stories – that of a modern-day journey to freedom in the Land of Israel!

The-Koren-Ethiopian-Haggada-Journey-to-Freedom-Hardcover_large (1)
Inside the Ethiopian Haggadah

This stunning haggadah is an adaptation of a historic Passover haggadah from around the year 1400 from German lands, today housed in the Israel Museum and referred to as The Erna Michael Haggadah.

The modern adaptation, compiled by the acclaimed Koren Publishers Jerusalem, combines reproductions of the colorful and intricate artwork from the original haggadah along with clear Hebrew text and a comprehensive English translation. 

This incredible work will be a special and meaningful connection to Ashkenazi Jewish history and heritage, while enriching your Passover Seder with its beautiful artwork.

Small-Illustrated-Haggada-Hardcover_large (1)
A modern adaptation of the Erna Michael Haggadah

Connect our people’s ancient exodus from Egypt to modern stories of Jewish liberation with this beautifully illustrated Passover haggadah from Matan Arts!

Its many photographs and images detail the Jewish People’s struggle for freedom, from escaping Pharaoh’s bondage in Egypt to the founding of the modern State of Israel. Subtitled “From Slavery to Freedom – From Exile to Independence,” this haggadah is a beautiful celebration of the Jewish people’s redemption and hope in the Land of Israel.

The traditional Hebrew haggadah text and English translations are surrounded by spectacular works of art and folklore, impressive excerpts from ancient editions, photographs of the Seder in the Diaspora, and images representing the preservation of the Zionist spirit over the years in exile.

Help your loved ones connect to Jewish history, Zionism, and the Land of Israel through the impressive and aptly named Liberty Haggadah!

Inside the Liberty Haggadah

Enrich your own Passover Seder with a beautiful and meaningful Passover haggadah from one of Israel’s top publishers! And don’t forget all the other Passover Judaica and gifts you’ll need, right in our store.

What better way to enhance your Passover Seder experience than with an artistic and meaningful Hebrew-English haggadah from the Land of Israel!