Jewish On-Demand Video Website Launches

Innovation and education are two of the biggest values in Israel. Which is why it’s no surprise that Jewish learning is using tech to bring Jewish and Israel-interest videos. Some of the top speakers from the Jewish Speakers Bureau have online presentations, ready for you to enjoy from convenience of your own home. These videos are also an affordable alternative to bringing speakers for special events. products focus on 50-minute Jewish-interest videos, showcasing many of the top speakers from the Jewish Speakers Bureau on a variety of Jewish-interest topics. From Jewish text and Bible study, to Israeli politics, to social justice, to inspirational programs on all topics JewFlicks has you covered.

In order to purchase a lecture, you can send an e-card with a video the learner in your life, buy it for yourself, or gift it to an organization. The special occasion e-cards make it an extra special gift.

The site will launch with videos from speakers Judy Klitsner, Avraham Infeld, Linda Gradstein, Susan Silverman, and many more.

Both e-cards and invitations come either with Jewish-interest video gifts, or without videos. Without videos, you can send e-cards or invitations to as many friends as you like for one flat fee of $18. With videos, prices start at $9 per e-card video gift, and go down to $2.50, depending on quantity.

The best part? The videos work like NetFllix or Amazon: Once you purchase or receive a video, it stays in your account. is an offshoot of the Jewish Speakers Bureau (