Looking for Mishloach Manot Ideas for Purim?

Purim’s arguably the happiest of Jewish holidays – a day spent masquerading in costume, drinking and eating with friends, and gifting others Shalach Manot – gift baskets sent to strangers and friends alike- to commemorate the miraculous salvation of the Jewish nation from the hands of the villain Haman.


The ninth chapter of the Book of Esther states (verse 19): “…the Jews of the villages that dwelt in the unwalled towns, made the 14th day of the month of Adar a day of gladness and feasting, a holiday, and of sending portions to one another (mishloach manot )”

So are you looking for a meaningful way to express appreciation to your children’s dedicated teacher? Searching for a beautiful gift basket for your next-door neighbors or beloved family friends?

We offer a wide range of mishloach manot gift baskets – whether you prefer a nutritious all-natural mix or a fun concoction of Israeli candy and sweets, we’ve got you covered!

Sweet and Simple Shalach Manot

Bring an additional element of sweet joy to someone’s home with these fabulous gift baskets – pre-packaged and ready to be delivered to someone special. All ingredients are kosher.

This deluxe Purim basket is stuffed to the brim with Israeli goodies – candy bars, chocolates, and cookies, wonderfully arranged in a charming box and ready to be devoured.



For something a little smaller, check out our fun shalach manot package, perfect for children or fun-loving adults with a sweet tooth. Chock-full of delicious sweets, the shalach manot also a grogger (noise-maker), perfect accessories for the Purim festivities. 


Delicious and Nutritious Shalach Manot with All-Natural Products

Gift someone special an elegant shalach manot package brimming with all-natural treats made in the Land of Israel. For instance, this bag is brimming with unique, homemade jams and spreads made by Lin’s Farm. Completing the classy gift bag is a bottle of dry red Merlot. Included in this special collection is a pomegranate spread, a cocoa and silan spread infused with the tang of fresh oranges, and a delicious dried tomato spread.


Bring the flavorful taste of Israel to someone’s doorstep with these other great mishloach manot collections by Lin’s Farm. You can choose from this beautiful package containing charoset spread, natural dates syrup, and more, or select this Mediterranean Superfoods Specialties Gift Box containing extra virgin olive oil, a charoset spread that can be used for Passover, plus a delicious silan, chocolate and orange spread.

Many of these thoughtful shalach manot baskets are also Kosher for Passover and all of them are Kosher B’Datz.

Tea and Olive Oil from the Land of Israel 

Have you worked hard on assembling the perfect shalach manot but looking for something to make it unique? Check out our beautiful gift boxes of teas that will add quality and warmth to your package.

Whether you choose to go with Shalva’s herbal tea samplers or this chic box of Galilee tea infusion, your shalach manot will be cherished and appreciated by any tea lover.



You can also choose to add a natural ingredient special to the fruitful Land of Israel, such as this extra virgin olive oil in a trendy little bottle, or this sweet and healthy silan spread made from dates grown in Israel.


Since Purim’s one of the most fun and community-orientated Jewish holidays on the calendar, make sure you remember to celebrate it with joy and love and don’t forget to enjoy the creative and sometimes silly custom of costumes and masquerade. Purim Sameach!