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Top Love Symbols in Judaism You Didn’t Know About

You’re probably familiar with hearts and roses as romantic imagery, but did you know that Judaism has its own traditional love symbols as well?

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pomegranate seeds heart on white background

Pomegranates are one of the Biblical Seven Species that are indigenous to the Land of Israel, and they're also among the richest symbols in Judaism. You might already know them as being commonly eaten on Rosh Hashanah, as their plentiful seeds represent abundance and the many Jewish commandments (mitzvot).

But what's more, the pomegranate is also commonly associated in Judaism with love, beauty, and fertility.

The red fruit is featured in the romantic Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim), where the narrator compares a woman’s limbs to “an orchard of pomegranates” and her glow to an open pomegranate.

The Talmud references the pomegranate as a particularly beautiful and special fruit, and this association with beauty is supported by the Book of Exodus, where pomegranates are described as adorning the robes of the High Priest in the Temple.

In addition, some great Jewish thinkers have drawn parallels between fertility and pomegranates because of the abundance of seeds inside the fruit.


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Pearls are the ultimate romantic gemstone according to Jewish tradition, particularly as a gift for women. The Hebrew Bible mentions pearls several times as a reference point and comparison for something of great beauty or value.

Most notably, King Solomon's ode to the admirable Jewish woman and wife, Eshet Chayil or Woman of Valor in the Book of Proverbs, says that the beloved female partner's value "is far beyond that of pearls."

Additionally, pearls also symbolize wisdom, purity, and kindness - making them a wonderful gift for the well-rounded Jewish woman whom you adore!

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Nature Motifs


In addition, several other aspects of nature are often used in Jewish texts and tradition as metaphors for love.

For instance trees often feature in romantic gifts and wedding ketubahs as symbols of continuity, while specifically myrtle trees and leaves are used in the Bible to represent fertility and life.

Deer, meanwhile, are sometimes used as an analogy for beauty or the attraction one feels towards their beloved, particularly in the romantic hymn Song of Songs. This is because they're seen as an especially elegant and stately animal.

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Top Love Symbols in Judaism You Didn't Know About
Check out these uniquely Jewish representations of love, and then get your loved one a romantic Jewish gift right from
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