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Your Complete Purim 2024 Prep Checklist

Purim 2024 starts at sundown on Saturday, March 23.

Get ready for this joyous Jewish holiday and make it fun and meaningful for the whole family with our ultimate prep checklist!

Step 1: Purim Gift Shopping

Purim is commonly associated with food baskets, aka Mishloach Manot, and other fun gifts, so make sure you’re ready to treat everyone on your list.

While the tradition most commonly centers around giving gifts of food, some communities and families also give toys and other special gifts to their children on Purim. You may want to consider including a festive greeting card or grogger.

Our store has all your Purim gift needs as well as a handy gift category guide here. So don’t forget to order early to get all your gifts in time for the holiday!

Got your gift giving list ready? Here are some of the people you may be shopping for:

Make everyone’s Purim 2024 the most joyful ever with a fun and tasty kosher gift basket straight from the Land of Israel.

Step 2: Get Your Costume Ready

Another fun and beloved Purim tradition is dressing up in costumes! For some people, a costume takes a lot of thought and planning, while others prefer to keep it simple.

Whatever your style, don’t get caught on Purim unprepared!

Getting stuck trying to think of a fun costume idea? Some prompts to get your creative juices flowing:

*Think about current events, that newest trending show, or the last movie you saw.

*Would you like to do a group costume with your family, significant other, or best friends?

*Consider something you would never wear normally – Purim is a common occasion for cross-dressing or portraying the opposite of who you are!

Curious where this fun tradition comes from? Learn more about this and other Purim customs with our Purim Traditions Explained blog post!

Step 3: Hosting Essentials for Purim

If you are hosting a meal or party for Purim, it’s important to plan and stay organized so nothing falls through the cracks and you aren’t scrambling at the last moment.

Not only is there food to cook and serve; there is the table to beautify with gorgeous serving bowlstrivets, salt and pepper shakers, and other tableware. If you or your guests are more traditional, you’ll likely also want a handwashing cup and towels, a challah board for your beautiful challah, and Birkonim or Benchers for grace after meals. 

And don’t forget a festive tablecloth and delicious kosher food from the best Israeli farmers and artisanal producers!

Upgrade your holiday table in style, with beautifully made, Jewish-themed tableware from Israeli artists.

Step 4: Megillat Esther

An important Purim tradition for many people is hearing Megillat Esther, the Scroll of Esther that tells the Purim story and is read out loud publicly at synagogues and other venues.

Get ready for Megillat Esther and all your other Purim traditions with our handy Purim 2023 Buying Guide.

Step 5: Last-Minute Essentials

A few other things to remember as you get closer to the holiday, to truly make your Purim meaningful and fulfilling:

That’s it – you’re ready to celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim! Let us know if we forgot anything, or if you found this checklist useful.

Happy Purim from the entire Judaica Webstore team in Jerusalem!

Find the perfect Purim gifts for all your loved ones with our top bestsellers, all lovingly crafted in the Land of Israel!


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