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5 Tel Aviv Artists You Should Support

Israel’s artists and small businesses need your support now more than ever! Check out our 5 favorite Tel Aviv-based artisans who are continuing to create amazing pieces while under fire – and whose works are directly available on our site, shipping worldwide.

Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s largest cities, with its own unique culture and art scene. Its lively neighborhoods are brimming with artists, design studios, and craft workers and artisans of all types who are continuously creating new and exciting works – often taking inspiration from the city itself and the Land of Israel, and combining traditional Jewish symbols and themes with modern styles and methods.

Since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, and the ensuing war, Tel Avivians have endured over 150 separate rocket attacks, in addition to many residents being called up for reserve duty, losing friends or loved ones, losing their livelihood due to the shutdown of the tourism industry, or suffering other general war-related traumas and stresses. Nonetheless, Tel Aviv artists are continuing to create new works under these conditions, and deserve our support particularly at this difficult time!



See our 5 favorite Tel Aviv artisans below and their wonderful, locally-made works. Consider supporting them by ordering something to adorn your own home or jewelry collection, or as a meaningful gift for a loved one!

1. Anbinder: Luxury Jewish Jewelry


Headquartered in Tel Aviv and boasting over 20 years experience and a prestigious reputation, Anbinder is one of Israel’s top luxury jewelry studios. They are known for expert craftsmanship and a timeless style that utilizes high-end materials such as 14K gold, diamonds, and their signature bold blue and black enamel.

The studio’s jewelry line is full of eye-catching statement pieces that boldly showcase Jewish symbolism such as the Star of David, Tree of Life, Hamsa, Lion of Judah, and Biblical verses and themes.

Anbinder luxury jewelry makes the perfect gift for any fashion-forward man or woman who wants to show off their Jewish heritage without compromising on splendor and style!

2. Ofek Wertman: Fun Jewish Home Goods


Ofek Wertman is an Israeli artist who worked as an animator and graphic designer before starting his own studio in Tel Aviv in 2006, turning his talents towards fun and meaningful home decor and gifts.

His works often combine current Israeli styles with Jewish tradition, with one-of-a-kind, eye-catching results. Wertman's collection includes adorably decorated mezuzahs, Zionist-themed pieces, fun clocks, and home items that incorporate the humorous art of Jewish cartoonist Martin Holt.

Gifts by Ofek Wertman are some of the most special and unique pieces you’ll find, brimming with both Jewish meaning and colorful Israeli style!

3. Art in Clay: Meaningful Ceramic Jewish Art


Art in Clay is a family-run art studio, founded in 2008 in Jaffa-Tel Aviv by husband-and-wife team Amir Rom and Laurence, both graduates of the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

The studio specializes in the production of beautiful, handmade ceramics including Judaica and decorative plaques. The stunning, intricately painted pieces bring ancient Jewish tradition to life and draw inspiration from the Land of Israel, the Bible, and archaeological findings. Art in Clay were even commissioned by the US Government to design special pieces for the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem in May 2018!

Works by Art in Clay will add a special touch to any home and make for unforgettable gifts!

4. Danon: Silver Judaica & Jewish Gifts


Founded in 1975, Danon is another family business committed to excellence and based in Tel Aviv. The studio specializes in silver and silver-plated items that combine Jewish tradition with a modern sensibility and versatility, while aiming to remain affordable and budget-friendly.

Danon produces some of the most popular Jewish gifts and Judaica items in Israel and the world, and their entire process - from initial design right through to final polishing and packaging - happens right in the company's purpose-built factory in Israel! They pride themselves on their high standards, contemporary yet timeless designs, and commitment to building Israeli industry.

Check out Danon for their fabulous range of mezuzah cases, hanging blessing decorations, keyrings, convenient travel candlesticks, and other exceptional Jewish gifts for any occasion!

5. Nano: Revolutionary Micro-Inscribed Jewish Jewelry


We're rounding off our list with Nano, an exceptionally unique jewelry studio that, in true Tel Aviv fashion, combines Biblical heritage with futuristic innovation! Nano's craftsmen utilize revolutionary nanotechnology to micro-inscribe ancient Jewish scriptures or romantic phrases in 24K gold onto various kinds of stones, from cubic zirconia to black onyx, which are then incorporated into stunning and one-of-a-kind pendant necklaces.

Some of the pieces even contain the text of the entire Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, micro-inscribed on a small stone inside a Star of David or other design that you can carry close to your heart always!

Nano’s designs are a magical combination of substance and style, bringing a unique, everlasting beauty and the best of Israeli technology to your spiritual expression.

Nano jewelry has received recognition around the world for its designs, while remaining uniquely Jewish and Israeli in style. Check them out and see for yourself what modern technology can do for Jewish jewelry and for spiritual expression!


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