Watermelon Recipes


Sweet, juicy, and refreshing, watermelon is a summer must-have in Israel. When the summer temperatures regularly soar well above 30˚C, it’s basically portable, edible air conditioning!

Believe it or not, there are more things you can do with watermelon than just slice and eat it (even though that’s pretty great, too). Here are some of our favourite ways to use watermelon:

Say Cheese!

Crisp, sweet watermelon is the perfect match for salty feta cheese. Simply crumble your favourite feta over cubes of melon and tuck in for a refreshing summer snack! Feta made from cow’s, sheep’s, or goat’s milk will all taste delicious, but we love sheep milk feta best. It has a unique tanginess that pairs perfectly with watermelon’s sweetness.


If your kids are clamouring for ice cream, ice pops, and other sugar-loaded treats, use watermelon to satisfy their sweet cravings. Insert lolly sticks into wedges of fruit, then dip into creamy yoghurt. Stud the yoghurt with bright berries or kiwi pieces, then pop into the freezer until the yoghurt is set. All of the creamy cold goodness with none of the guilt – yum! You can also blend seedless watermelon to make a refreshing, all-natural slushie.

Salad Time

Sweet watermelon has a surprising affinity for a number of different flavours, while its crisp texture is a fantastic way to add bite and interest to any dish. Simply add cubes of watermelon to your favourite salads, or made a fresh, light lunch from cubed melon and cucumber topped with torn basil and mint. This super refreshing little salad will make a delicious starter before a heavier meal. For a more filling dish, consider adding sliced grapes, cheese (blue cheese is oddly delicious with watermelon!), grilled chicken, quartered cherry tomatoes… the possibilities are endless.

Something for the Adults…

Adults, listen up: watermelon is all grown up and is now best friends with vodka! For a simple, adult-appropriate end to a meal, pour vodka over a bowl of cubed watermelon and leave in the fridge to sit for a while. The fruit absorbs the alcohol really well, mainly because it’s so porous and has a naturally high water content.