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Can Any Cup Be a Kiddush Cup?

What makes a kiddush cup? Does it have to be a specific material? Can any cup be used as a kiddush cup? Read on for everything you need to know!


What makes a Kiddush Cup

kiddush cup is used for the kiddush ritual: sanctification prayers that are said over wine or grape juice at the start of shabbat and certain holidays, like Passover and Rosh Hashanah.

Traditional silver kiddush cup

There is a tradition to add beauty to the ritual through a special, elegant cup or goblet made just for this purpose. 

Historically, Jews often made kiddush cups out of precious metals like silver, and their value as well as ritual importance made them cherished family heirlooms that were passed on from generation to generation.

However, a kiddush cup doesn’t actually have to be made from silver or any other metal, and it doesn’t even need to be valuable or any special cup at all. Any cup or glass can do – in a pinch, even a plastic cup or coffee mug is considered acceptable! The lack of a special kiddush cup should not prevent one from partaking in the important kiddush ritual on shabbat and holidays.

It’s nonetheless considered preferable, if one can afford it, to use an item for kiddush that is aesthetically beautiful or in some way distinct from one’s regular weekday cups or glasses.

The tradition of having a special kiddush cup just for this ritual exists to this day!

Modern vibrantly colored kiddush cup, featuring the words of the blessing on wine
Hand-painted ceramic kiddush cup
Anodized aluminum kiddush cup in a modern style
Decorated glass kiddush cup

Upgrade your shabbat and holiday table in style with a beautiful and artistic kiddush cup, lovingly crafted in the Land of Israel.

Types of Kiddush Cups

Today there are many styles of kiddush cups, and many of Israel’s Judaica artists use their creativity to experiment with various colors, materials, and designs.

There are those made from stunningly elegant sterling silver, touching on timeless tradition and sure to become treasured pieces of family Judaica – including kiddush cups made according to centuries-old silversmithing and filigree methods by Shoham Yemenite Art, or luxurious polished pieces from Bier Judaica.

Sterling silver kiddush cup adorned with the traditional art of silver filigree

Meanwhile, artists with a more contemporary style, like the Jerusalem-based Yair Emanuel, have given a modern twist to the traditional kiddush cup by utilizing materials like chic anodized aluminum, beautifully refined glass, or even colorfully painted and lacquered wood.

Kiddush cup made of painted lacquered wood
Handcrafted glass kiddush cup
Set of colorful anodized aluminum kiddush cups

Another common material is ceramic, particularly the vibrant floral style of Armenian ceramicsAnd for those seeking a traditional metal look on a budget, there are gorgeous kiddush cups made from nickel or silver or gold plating.

Set of nickel kiddush cups
Armenian ceramic kiddush cup

Now that you know more about different kinds of kiddush cups, what’s your favorite style?

We have a wide range of Israeli-made kiddush cups to satisfy every style and budget, right in our store! And don’t forget kosher wine straight from Israeli vineyards to make every shabbat and holiday kiddush truly tasty and amazing.

If you love kiddush cups you’ll love all our favorite Judaica pieces from Israeli artists, all beginner-friendly and perfect for getting in touch with your Judaism. 


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